Touchless Video Doorbell for Enhanced Security of Your Home

Touchless Video Doorbell for Enhanced Security of Your Home

Smart doorbells offer a variety of features that notify you about home visitors and allow you to interact with them virtually even when you are not physically present at home. Remember to choose a reliable smart home security company that serves Calistoga to install one for the best results.

What is a touchless video doorbell?

A touchless video doorbell connects via your smartphone and laptop and helps ensure that you have peace of mind knowing that your home is secure, no matter where you are. They are called touchless as visitors can ring your bell by simply stepping on to your door mat. Let’s discuss what makes it the best suitable smart doorbell.

Top Features of Touchless Video Doorbells

HD Camera Accessibility

Standard front door cameras can usually capture at 480p resolution. In contrast, touchless video doorbells can record at high definition 1080p resolution. This ensures you get a clearer picture of your visitors, helping you quickly recognize and decide for whom to open your door.

Wide-angle Coverage

Most security cameras can only cover the front view, keeping the sides of the frame, which limits the scope of monitoring. However, with advanced video doorbells, you can get a wide-angle view (120 to 180 degrees) of your entry-way.

Motion Detection

Touchless video doorbells are an excellent smart home security device that runs round-the-clock and keep an eye on whatever happens outside your door. With the help of motion sensors, it recognizes and detects activities and notifies you about the same. However, you can choose focused areas and the video bell will avoid monitoring other areas. This is best for the homes in busy localities.

Clear Night Vision

The need for robust security increases during nighttime, making it essential to use a smart security device with night vision capability. In this context, the new touchless video doorbells have you covered and can give you a high-quality picture quality even after dark.

Power Source Flexibility

Video doorbells come with multiple power options allowing you to choose according to your preferences. For example, a wire-based doorbell takes power from your electricity mains, and battery-based doorbells use an in-built battery. Some models are even smarter; in cases of power failure or other problems, they can automatically shift to the battery. This ensures your doorbell never runs out of power and complete security.

Smart Integrations

The latest smart doorbells can be easily integrated with your home security system and your smartphone. These features also encourage real-time, two-way communication. For example, you can see who’s ringing your doorbell on your mobile phone and can attend to the visitor or even leave a voice message, ‘busy’ or ‘not available, for instance.

Now that you know the benefits you can reap using the new touchless bell, also know that it is important to get it installed by a professional smart home security solution provider. You may consult Sync Systems, a leading smart home security company serving Calistoga. We are creating revolutionary, highly-integrated home security solutions to keep your home secure even in your absence.

We have been in the smart home security industry for years and deliver the best, taking pride in every job that we get. To learn more about us and our smart home security solutions, call us today at (707) 799-9558.

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