Lighting Control​

Lighting Solutions for a Brighter Life

Early Involvement for Project Success

At Sync Systems, we believe that early involvement is key to the success of any project. That’s why we work closely with architects and interior design teams to become an integral part of the project from the start. By working together, we can ensure that lighting design and control is incorporated seamlessly into the overall project plan.

Intuitive and Customized Lighting Control Systems

Sync Systems lighting control systems are designed to be simple, intuitive, and user-friendly. We customize each system specifically for your project’s unique space, considering factors such as natural light, room size, layout and intended use of the space. With our advanced control systems, you can set the perfect mood and ambiance for any occasion.

Illuminate Your Lifestyle

Proper lighting is essential to promoting healthy living and enhancing workspaces. Sync Systems lighting design team works closely with you to ensure that every space is properly illuminated to promote a healthier lifestyle. Bright, cool light can increase productivity and improve focus, while warm, ambient lighting can create a relaxing atmosphere that reduces stress and promotes better sleep.

Landscape Lighting for Added Elegance

Whether you’re looking to illuminate a garden path, highlight a water feature, or add drama to your home’s façade, landscape lighting is the perfect solution. At Sync Systems, we offer a range of landscape lighting solutions that can add elegance and charm to any outdoor space. With our advanced control systems, you can even schedule your landscape lighting for events, and sync the lights with your landscape audio system.

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