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Our Sync Systems Peace of Mind


 Our mission is to connect our customers with their homes and businesses. And to make your experience simple and worry free. But even with the best installation and highest quality products, routers and Wi-Fi devices sometimes need to be reset, and high-end components will work more smoothly with extended life expectancy when properly maintained. 

 To keep your Sync Systems installed systems worry free, and to save you time and money, our promises include: 

  • To provide a clean and neat installation. We teach our techs to “leave no trace”, so they will show up with shoe covers, blankets to capture all debris, and vacuums to clean up anything that might escape.

  • We offer two levels of optional support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year through Parasol. This service is available by phone, email, text, or instant chat and can typically resolve up to 75% of all connectivity issues within minutes.

Experience Our Benefits

Benefits to You



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Proactive Monitoring and Remote Repair

We’ll proactively monitor your technology system and

oftentimes troubleshoot potential issues before they arise.


Reactive Remote Repair

Upon hearing from you, your system will be accessed remotely

and repaired without a service call



24/7 Email, Text and Chat Support

We’re available to communicate with you in whichever manner

best fits your lifestyle



24/7 Phone Support

Experience the convenience of a live answer by one of our

knowledgeable technicians.


App Control

You’ll get a mobile app enabling you to fix many of the common

issues that technology systems experience.



Discounted Service Call Rates

In the unlikely event that a service call must be scheduled, you’ll

receive a preferred rate.



Plus, our customers will receive priority scheduling for follow up support should an issue require an on-site technician. So regardless of the size and complexity of your installation, Sync Systems AV has you covered and will keep your Smart Home or business running worry-free. Contact us today for more information at 707-799-9558 or contact us at