How to Hide a Camera In/Outside Your Home

How to Hide a Camera In/Outside Your Home

Many homeowners and home security experts in Healdsburg recommend placing security cameras in areas where they can be noticed easily. Visible cameras might deter some burglars, but may fail to discourage particularly motivated individuals.

Why Hide Your Security Cameras?

Hiding your cameras is a great way to prevent camera tampering. Hidden cameras can provide valuable evidence in these situations:

  • A burglar tries to break into your home
  • You suspect your child’s babysitter is neglecting them
  • You suspect your elderly parents’ caregiver is abusing them or neglecting their duty
  • A visitor steals items from your home

With properly placed hidden cameras, you can respond to hazardous situations in real time. Strategically placed hidden cameras capture footage for future reference without being noticed. For a hidden camera to be effective, it should be placed under sufficient lighting. Position your hidden cameras in a way that they capture all the action happening in a scene.

Tips to Hide Cameras in Plain Sight

When hiding cameras inside your home, strategically place them so they blend into their surroundings. Here are some ways to hide cameras inside your home.

  • Place them in flower pots or vases
  • Hang small cameras from curtain rods
  • Strategically place cameras between books on your bookshelf or mantle
  • Place cameras in tissue boxes

Ways to Hide Cameras Outside Your Home

  • Place your cameras inside a bird feeder or bird house
  • Hide cameras in a bush or tree with thick leaves
  • Conceal your camera in a fake rock
  • Place a camera inside your mailbox.
  • Mount security cameras under your eaves, ceiling, or soffit

Many homeowners use video doorbell cameras to capture footage. As the name suggests, a video doorbell camera looks like a doorbell. An advanced security doorbell camera sends alerts to the user’s device when motion is detected. A doorbell camera allows you to see and communicate with visitors at your front door without having to open the door.

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