Custom Home Theater Designs for Individual Lifestyles

Custom Home Theater Designs for Individual Lifestyles

Why go to the movies when you can bring the movie theater experience home? A home theater can enhance your movie-watching experience. You can watch your favorite sporting event or play your favorite video game with your buddies in your home theater. Realistic graphics and incredible sound quality are sure to take your experience to the next level.

To help you build the perfect home theater, we have compiled a list of home theater design tips for St. Helena homeowners. Take a look.

Choose The Room

When choosing a room for your home theater, consider your needs, wants, and preferences. Keep your lifestyle in mind. For busy families with varied interests, a home theater that doubles as a media room offers a lot of needed flexibility. Choose a room that is far away from the noisiest areas and does not feature a lot of windows that allow in natural light.

Consider the size of the room. It should be spacious enough to allow you to organize seats in a manner that there is adequate distance between them. To prevent eye strain, place seats at a distance from the screen.

Control Ambient Light

Unwanted light can negatively affect your movie-watching experience. You will want to minimize ambient light in your home theater. Choose a space that can be augmented to receive less light. You’re able to make most rooms in your home suitable by controlling light with light-blocking curtains.

Improve Home Theater Sound

Audio in a home theater bounces around the ceiling, flooring, and walls. To limit home theater audio bounce, install wall-to-wall carpeting and draperies that mitigate excessive bouncing of sound waves. Use soft, cushiony seating instead of furniture as it also helps absorb sound.

To reduce ambient noise, soundproof the room by placing an additional layer of drywall. Alternatively, you can replace your drywall with sound-reducing wallboard. Replace hollow core doors with solid doors. Seal any cracks with caulk and use thicker curtains that absorb both ambient sound and light.

Plan a Robust Lighting System

Home theater lighting can make or break your home theater experience. Add dimmers, soffits, and recessed lights to your home movie theater. Keep added lights behind where you would sit or they may affect your viewing experience.

Limit Reflective Objects

Make sure your home theater has as few items that reflect light back at the viewer as possible. There should be no light fixtures, hinges, countertops, heating registers, fireplace inserts, and shiny door knobs in the crucial zone between the viewer and the screen.

If this is not possible, reduce the shininess of reflective objects by spray-painting them with dark matte paint.

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