How Sync Systems Can Help Protect Your Business

How Sync Systems Can Help Protect Your Business

We understand that security and safety are vital for your business in an uncertain, ever evolving world. That’s why we offer high-quality, best surveillance systems in Sonoma to help you monitor your premises from anywhere and dissuade burglaries, break-ins, and looting. If a suspicious person tries to enter your business space, you will be notified immediately with a live feed and video recording.

Here are some examples of what our security cameras can do for you:

  • Alert you if anyone enters your business after hours or if the door is left unlocked
  • Monitor your employees’ performance when you’re not there
  • Monitor who is entering and going out of your building and at what times
  • Record any incidents that happen, so you can use them as evidence if needed

Our Wide Range of Security & Surveillance Systems

Security Cameras: Our security cameras enable you to keep a watchful eye 24/7 outside or inside your building.

CCTV: Our closed-circuit television systems allow you to keep tabs on your employees, customers, and property, from any location at any time.

Alarm Systems: Our sophisticated alarm systems keep intruders out and can be armed remotely from an office. You can also use them for fire or flood protection.

Access Control Systems: Secure your building with our electronic door access control systems, including keypads, biometrics, and networked locks.

Sync Systems is the leading surveillance systems provider in Sonoma that has been helping thousands of businesses protect their people, assets, and property during the pandemic. From security camera installation to 24/7 proactive monitoring, our experts can implement an effective surveillance solution that fits your business’s unique needs.

To discuss your security concerns and needs with our consultant, call (707) 799-9558.

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