Add Convenience to Your Everyday Life with Smart Blinds

Add Convenience to Your Everyday Life with Smart Blinds

Manually adjusting blinds frequently is frustrating and annoying. You may not realize, but you spend several minutes adjusting your manually operated blinds every day.

Before starting a task, you will want to create a peaceful environment in your room. When you are in the middle of completing the task, you may have to get up from your seat and adjust your manually operated blinds to control the amount of natural light entering your room. This may break your chain of thoughts, which can be frustrating.

Motorized blinds address this problem as they come with a remote that can be used to control them from a distance.

All you Wanted to Know About Motorized Blinds

➢ Types Remote control shades in Santa Rosa can be battery powered, hardwired, powered by a DC adapter, or solar powered.

➢ Benefits– There are several benefits of remote controlled blinds. Unlike traditional blinds, they do not have cords that pose a choking hazard for unsuspecting kids and pets. They are perfect for hard to reach windows and improve home security.

➢ Motorized blinds can be smart– Many advanced models allow users to control them via an app installed on a compatible device-can be a laptop, mobile or tablet. You can program your shades to open and close during particular times of day so you don’t have to do the tedious job manually.

➢ Reliability– Motorized blinds are just as reliable as their standard manually operated counterparts. Battery operated shades need to be charged periodically. Battery charging interval varies depending on usage and brands. Motorized blinds last 5-10 years on average depending on how they’re used.

➢ Operation: Do motorize blinds make noise? – There is a popular misconception about motorized blinds that they’re noisy. Motorized blinds are designed with user convenience in mind and make hardly any noise. They usually tend to get noisy when motor parts are not lubricated properly or some parts are damaged or loose. The decibel range for motorized blinds vary depending on the type of blind, brand and window treatment size.

➢ How difficult is it to install motorized blinds?– Installing motorized blinds is a fairly straightforward and simple process, however, specifics vary depending on the type of blind and brand. Most shades come pre–programmed with their remote. You can reprogram your motorized shades to adjust its upper or lower limits- that is how high or low it can go

Motorized blinds are ideal for rooms with multiple windows. You can program motorized shades installed on multiple windows in a room to open or lower together during specific times of the day.

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