5 Common AV Issues for Conference Rooms

5 Common AV Issues for Conference Rooms

Every modern conference room needs advanced audio/visual devices and technologies. Unfortunately, even the most advanced AV devices can develop problems over time. A malfunctioning AV device can negatively impact the conference room experience. However, it’s also important to note that a suboptimal conference room design can also create AV problems.

Here are some common AV issues that we see frequently encounter as an AV company who serves Healdsburg.

Low Volume

Low volume means you must repeat your statements multiple times, which is not only frustrating and annoying but you will also waste time repeating information.

If other people in the conference room cannot hear you clearly, the microphone may not be picking up your voice or the speakers may not be projecting your voice properly to your audience.

Have someone check to make sure all microphones and speakers are working properly before a meeting. Make sure volume controls are set at appropriate levels and consider having a technician check the line.


A feedback problem can cause unnecessary delays and make it difficult for the presenter to get their point across. Clicking or whining sounds coming from a speaker can annoy even the most patient and experienced presenter. These noises can cause distractions and generate confusion in the audience.

Fortunately, feedback problems are typically easy to fix. In most cases, they are caused when two microphones are held too close to each other or the presenter holds their mic too close to their mouth. Position the mic you’re using about 6-12 inches from your mouth. Before you start speaking, make sure there is no other microphone in the vicinity.


If your voice reverberates back, it can distract both you and your audience from your important points. Make sure two or more microphones are not placed close to each other. Use an AV integrator to test all mics before starting a meeting. Keep just one microphone turned on at a time throughout the meeting.


A delay can make it difficult for you to connect to your audience and they may quickly lose interest. Advanced AV solutions connected via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth are particularly prone to the problem if not properly integrated to your existing systems. A common cause of delays and voice distortions are a bad or weak signal between the transmitting device and the receiver.

If you notice a delay while speaking, check and adjust the setting of your audio system, if necessary. Use an AV integrator to test the setting beforehand.

Blurry Visuals

Blurry visuals can give your audience a headache and they may struggle to read the text. Make sure your projector is placed at the right distance from the screen and that your audience is not too far away. If you cannot get the lens to focus, try placing the projector at different distances from the screen until you determine the best location.

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