What the Future Holds for Video Surveillance

What the Future Holds for Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. There are many benefits to a video surveillance system. Home security cameras are a potent deterrent. They allow you to keep an eye on your property remotely. If a burglary occurs, CCTV footage serves as evidence, helping bring the perpetrators to justice.

For businesses, security cameras can help prevent internal fraud and theft. Without an effective security plan, a video surveillance system won’t be of much use. A video surveillance company in Sonoma can help you develop and put an effective plan to get the most out of your video surveillance system in place.

Here are some emerging video surveillance trends.

Demand for Advanced Video Surveillance Systems to Increase

Businesses no longer settle for regular video surveillance systems with outdated features. Many businesses are opting for systems with advanced analytical capabilities. Such systems can detect unusual movements and alert security teams in a timely manner. Advanced surveillance systems can help businesses analyze, manage, and prevent threats, instead of just providing footage after a intrusion has occurred.

Video Analytics Solutions for Post-event Investigations

An advanced video surveillance system with post-event search capabilities allows you to review old footage and analyze video captured by multiple cameras. These systems allow investigating teams to collect data using specific search criteria. They can help businesses and law enforcement bodies carry out post-event analyses and come up with plans to prevent future incidents.

AI and Deep Learning Will Help Reduce False Alarms

A major drawback of many traditional video surveillance systems is that they often raise false/nuisance alarms, making it difficult for security teams to effectively monitor threats. They waste resources. Advanced video surveillance systems use AI and deep learning to identify and categorize threats. They are trained to avoid flagging movements caused by moving vegetation or wildlife. These systems can save businesses hundreds of thousands of man-hours, while improving security.

Video Surveillance Will Deliver Key Business Insights

Slowly but surely, businesses are learning to leverage the features of their video surveillance systems to gain key business insights. Contemporary video surveillance systems do more than just improve building security. They help businesses analyze customer behavior in retail stores, optimize parking spaces and better manage warehouse operations.

Will Video Surveillance Systems Replace Human Security Guards?

Many people believe that video surveillance systems will replace humans. Such fears are unfounded. Video surveillance systems are designed to assist humans, not replace them. There are still things that need a human element to understand them fully. A video surveillance system can support an overworked security team. Intelligent security systems can analyze situations and events to learn to identify threats, but will still need inputs from humans.

Whether you need help installing a new security system or upgrading an existing one, Sync Systems has got you covered. If you are having difficulty selecting the right surveillance system for your home or office in Sonoma, our experts can educate you about the different types of systems so you can weigh your options. To learn more, call (707) 799-9558.

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