Top 5 Things to Consider Before Installing Security Cameras

Top 5 Things to Consider Before Installing Security Cameras

Installing security cameras in your office is a great way to improve workplace security. Unlike humans who need breaks, security cameras can surveil a property around the clock.

A surveillance system can eliminate the need for a big security team, saving you money on employee salary and benefits. In addition to discouraging antisocial elements, security cameras can help keep your employees in line, preventing employee theft.

If your neighborhood is seeing a spate in crimes, install CCTV cameras to keep criminals at bay. We have listed some basic, but crucial, things that you need to consider before installing security cameras in your office or home. Want to learn more? Call an expert video surveillance company serving Santa Rosa.


Identify the most vulnerable areas in your property. You will want to place more cameras in these areas. A video surveillance installation expert in Santa Rosa can help you figure out the best possible location to mount cameras. It is also important to place different types of cameras in different areas. Install cameras both inside and outside your property to surveil the exterior and interior.


Depending on laws governing surveillance cameras in your area, you may have to obtain permissions from local authorities. These bodies can be government, trade, or any other body that represents the interests of residents in your locality.

If your surveillance cameras will be covering some parts of your neighbor’s property, obtain their permission as well. To address any privacy concerns, change the direction, orientation, or location of your cameras.

CCTV Camera Types

When choosing the types of CCTV cameras to be placed in different parts of your property, consider your needs. If you want to surveil your property at night, opt for night vision cameras. Property owners who want to prevent cable management chaos will want to consider wireless cameras.

If you are looking for something practical, go for box cameras. For a 360-degree coverage, use dome cameras. Pan, tilt, and zoom or PTZ cameras are a perfect choice for property owners who prefer multiple monitoring options,

Laws and Legality

Before you go ahead and install cameras in your premises, take the time to understand local, state, and federal laws governing surveillance cameras. Use signboards to inform people that they are under surveillance. You should also know that in most cases, placing cameras in restrooms and other private areas is illegal.

Specifications and Technical Details

Determine the following preferences so that you can determine the systems that will best suit your needs.

  1. If you want cameras that can record HD videos
  2. If you need to buy recording and storage hardware separately
  3. The amount of storage space you need
  4. If you need cameras that allow you to store data in the cloud and can be controlled remotely from anywhere

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