How to Build the Perfect Home Theater

How to Build the Perfect Home Theater

There are several compelling reasons to build a home theatre as it allows you to elevate your movie watching and gaming experience. Additionally, a properly designed and installed home theater can boost the value of your home.

Building a home theater is not as straightforward as many other home improvement projects. There are various things to consider. So, everything should be planned down to the last detail.

Follow these tips to build the home theater of your dreams.

Control Ambient Light

Ambient light is unwanted light from sources outside your home theater. Ambient light can cause reflections on your screen, ruining your experience. Therefore, build your home theater in an area that receives less light. If this is not possible, install light-blocking curtains and shades to limit the amount of light entering the area.

Limit Reflective Objects in the Room

Remove any unnecessary items that reflect light back from the room. Use a flat paint sheen, preferably matte. Make sure there are no shiny door knobs, recessed lights, light fixtures, fireplace inserts, or trim kits in the crucial zone between the screen and the viewer.

Any reflective items that are integral to the room’s decor and cannot be removed should be painted with dark colored matte paint.

Properly Ventilate the AV Rack

The heat produced when your home theater is in use can cause damage to AV components. Therefore, install your AV rack in a ventilated closet or cabinet, away from heat sources. Do not stack your AV equipment on top of each other. Leave a few inches of empty space between AV components to allow for proper ventilation.

Control Ambient Sound

Some examples of ambient sound include noises from your dishwasher, dryer, other home appliances, vehicle, and kitchen. Here are some ways to control ambient noise in your home theater:

  • Add a second layer of drywall or replace your drywall with a sound-reducing material
  • Seal cracks with caulk
  • Replace any hollow core doors with sturdy solid core doors
  • Install thick curtains that block light and absorb sound

Design a Robust Lighting System

Some types of lights to use in a home theater include wall sconces, LED light strips, and overhead lights. Wall sconces are attached to the wall and can be used as complementary lighting.

LED light strips are usually capable of changing colors. They can be attached to the back of projectors, underneath the seats or attached to the bottom of shelves. Furthermore, overhead lights are usually installed in two separate rows along the length of the room. In a home theater, the overhead lights should be the main source of light.

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