Video Surveillance: Keep an Eye on Your Business Even When You Are Not There


One of the most common concerns of business owners around the world is burglary and theft at their business. A business burglary can cost more than you think. Horror stories of people losing their lives trying to prevent burglaries aren’t unheard of.

As a business owner, burglar-proofing your business should top your priority list. You can surveil your facility during working hours, but what happens after everyone leaves? To keep an eye on your business 24x7, consider installing a video surveillance system.

Video Surveillance Explained

Video surveillance involves using video cameras to keep an eye on different areas in a facility. A video surveillance system can also record activities. Modern surveillance systems come with remote monitoring that allows you to keep a watch on different areas via a computer with an Internet connection. This technology has become affordable with time and finding a video surveillance system that fits your needs is much easier than it was a few years ago.

Types of Surveillance Systems

Surveillance systems can be classified into three broad types:

Real-time Constant Monitoring Systems – A real-time constant monitoring system surveils the property 24/7. Dispatchers can watch feeds from the cameras for suspicious activities.

Video Recording Combined with Remote Monitoring These systems allow security personnel to record and archive camera feeds that can be used as evidence later.

Surveillance by Alarms and Sensors These systems use alarms and sensors for surveillance. If the sensors sense a suspicious activity, they activate the alarms.

Benefits of Video Surveillance

Here are some reasons why every business must consider video surveillance installation in Santa Rosa, CA.

Crime Deterrent

A video surveillance system can deter crimes such as vandalism and theft. Before breaking into a property, a burglar spends days scouting out the area and developing a plan. Most burglars would skip over a property with a video surveillance system in place and move to an easier target.

Improved Employee Productivity

An average business loses several hours of precious man-hours to unproductive activities every day. You can use your video surveillance system to track your employees’ on-the-job performance and use of company time.

When employees know that they are under surveillance, they become conscious and avoid unproductive work habits.

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