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Smart shades are motorized shades. They can be controlled with a smartphone app or spoken commands. You can also run them on a schedule or integrate them with home-automation software.

Smart shades are fast becoming a popular alternative to manually operated shades. They are more efficient than traditional shades.

The benefits of smart shades go beyond convenience. Smart shades can turn your home into a calming oasis. They are both stylish and functional.

Motorized blinds are a perfect solution for people who hate adjusting blinds as the day progresses. Motorized shades in Sonoma can be operated by touching a button. You can even use an app to control your blinds remotely.

Connecting motorized...

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The popularity of home automation systems is growing with each passing year. Home automation has the potential to simplify our everyday lives. It allows you to remotely control your home security system, smart appliances, lighting, and heating.

The benefits of smart home automation go beyond convenience. A home automation system can boost your health in more ways than you probably realize.

Simulated Natural Lighting

It is a known fact that the intensity and color of a home’s lighting have significant impact on the quality of sleep and overall health of the residents. Exposure to certain lights during the sensitive period, for example, can make it difficult for a person to fall asleep a...

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Why go to the theater to watch movies when you can bring them at home with a home theater? Your home theater will be tailored to your unique needs. With a home theater system, you can also take your gaming experience to the next level.

When installing a home theater system in your home, you need to come up with the right design. Use the right equipment and technologies designed to help craft the perfect movie-watching experience.

Here are some home theater design upgrades worth considering.


Unnecessary noises can ruin your movie-watching experience. Your local home theater installer in Sonoma will use thick carpeting to eliminate home theater hum and noise.

Depending on the acous...

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Wasting energy is bad for your wallet and the environment. It is estimated that households waste 35 percent of the power they use.

When you save energy, you help the environment. If families reduce their energy consumption, the energy saved could be used to power a project or light up homes in an energy-deficient area.

One of the ways in which you can save energy at home is by switching off lights when not needed. If you keep forgetting to switch off your lights, consider home lighting control. A lighting control system in Sonoma, CA allows you to automatically turn lights on and off as required.

Here are some ways in which home lighting control saves energy.

Automatic Energy Savings

Home light...

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Commercial burglary is one of the most common crimes in the U.S. You can hire guards to keep a watch on your commercial property; however, you need to realize that they might not be able to cover all the areas of your property.

Security guards are expensive. Depending on different factors such as the location, the experience of the guard, and risk level, you could pay anywhere from $10-$100 per hour.

Plus, they may fall asleep or take long breaks. What if an opportunist burglar strikes your facility when your guards are taking a break?

Commercial security systems in Sonoma eliminate the need for hiring security guards. A commercial security system provides you with visual access to your prope...

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A commercial video surveillance system consists of cameras, recorders, and monitors/display units. A business video surveillance system can be used to surveil the interior or exterior of a property. The footage recorded by a video surveillance system can be used in investigations and as evidence in court.

Here are some compelling reasons to install a business video surveillance system to monitor your facility 24/7.

Prevent Employee Theft

Employee theft is a major concern for businesses of all shapes and sizes. It costs businesses in the U.S. around $50 billion annually.

It is estimated that around 33 percent of businesses are pushed into bankruptcy and ultimately close down due to losses caused...

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The environment is suffering. It is a well-known fact that for several years, people have made profits by exploiting the available resources. It is high time that people realize that the ecosystem needs us as much as we need it. That is why people have started taking several initiatives to preserve the resources.

One of them is by using motorized shades in Sonoma to preserve and save energy. When you are remodeling your house, you can use motorized or smart blinds to control the temperature of your home, save on energy, and get other exciting features.

Minimization in the Use of Energy

The motorized blinds end up saving a lot of energy use in the house. This indirectly contributes to the green...

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The definition of entertainment and luxury has changed with the changing times. Technology has grown by leaps and bounds since its inception. Home theater and entertainment have entirely changed the game of television.

If you want to enjoy luxury, you have to take your home theater experience to the next level by adding some hi-tech custom upgrades available in the market. All you have to do is contact a home theater company in Sonoma and ask for the upgrades available. Install them in your home to witness the magnanimous splendor of the home theaters today.

Calibration of TV and AVR

To get the best experience, you have to calibrate your TV and AVR. Televisions are now being used to play high ...

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Home automation technology has become more innovative and efficient than ever — adding to one's convenience and comfort. And smart lighting technology is benefiting most homeowners with inbound security features.

Smart lights work with automated triggers, motion sensors, and scheduled scenes to safeguard your property from any safety hazards and intruders. All you have to ensure is that your house is well illuminated at all times.

Here are some ways smart lighting can increase your home's safety and security. With this, you'll have no reasons not to install them in your house!

Active Response to Emergencies

You can use the smart lighting control for immediate actions during emergencies. W...

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Want to enhance your customer experience? Consider installing a commercial audio visual system. A commercial AV system can help create a more relaxing atmosphere. A pleasing ambience will make your customers want to return to your business.

Here are some audio-video technologies you can feature in your AV installation that are sure to enhance your customer experience.

4K Ultra HD Displays

4K Ultra HD displays offer ultra pictures. A 4K Ultra HD TV will deliver the ultimate viewing experience for your guests. 4K ULtra HD TVs provide the ultimate viewing experience. High-contrast and high-brightness images will draw in peoples’ eyes and will help your brand get noticed.

You can also use 4K ...

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