Upgrade Your Home Theater Installation with Automation


From pricey food options and tickets to uncomfortable seating, there are several reasons why people hate going to the movies. You might have to put up with loads of annoying people at a movie theater; people who just want to “do their thing” even if it means spoiling other peoples’ moviegoing experience.

What’s better than watching a movie at a theater? Bringing the theater to your home, of course! Your love for movies drags you to theaters every time a new movie comes out, but what if you could recreate the moviegoing experience at home? If you love watching movies at theaters, but hate compromising on comfort, consider building a home theater.

Look for an expert with a proven track record of offering top-notch home theater system installation services in Healdsburg. An experienced installer will manage your project from start to finish. Here are some things your installer will do to take your moviegoing experience to the next level.

Installing Smart Control

A home theater system consists of a receiver, projector, subwoofers, screen, and surround sound speakers. It would be inconvenient to fiddle around with these components to accurately set them before using your home theater every time.

To avoid inconvenience, we suggest that you integrate your home theater into a system that will allow you to turn on the entire theater with just a few taps on your screen. You will no longer need multiple remotes. With a smart control system, it's all in one.

Finding the Right Lighting

Home theater lighting can make or break your movie watching experience. Your installer will help you choose the right lighting for your home theater. They will determine how much lighting your theater needs and where to put it.

The professional will install blackout shades and curtains to block out natural light and soften acoustics. They will come up with a plan to integrate lighting elements into the architecture of your home theater. The professional will put a system in place that will allow you to customize your lighting. For example, turning down front-projected lights or turning up low-lit backlights during a movie.

Installing Hidden Speakers and Screens

If you want to build a multipurpose media room, consider hidden speakers and screens designed to save space. You can use your smart control to instantly lower or raise your screen to transform your theater with the push of a button.

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