Update Your Media Room to Improve Home Entertainment


In a home, the media room is a place where friends and family gather to enjoy each other's company and create cherishable memories. Your media room should address every user’s entertainment needs. If you’re worried that the technology is outdated, it may be time to update your media room.

Here are some upgrades that are sure to elevate your experience.

Consider a Network Upgrade

Physical media is passé. Most modern media rooms utilize streaming services to stream content. One of the problems with video streaming is high bandwidth requirements, especially when it comes to streaming content in 4K resolution.

Streaming content can result in increased load on your home network. You may end up with slower internet which can affect your browsing experience or you may experience difficulties while streaming your favorite movie.

A slow network can ruin your movie-watching experience. The solution? A network upgrade. If you are having difficulty choosing the right plan, reach out to a home theater company in St. Helena for help.

A home theater installation professional will help you choose the right service provider and plan. They will upgrade cabling, switch, and router if needed so you get the speeds you need for a seamless viewing experience.

Upgrade Your Screen

If you have a regular 4K screen, consider replacing it with a UHD screen with HDR. Loaded with the latest technology, these screens capture every detail and are famed for their superior contrast and brightness.

Some screens incorporate motion blur reduction technology or Motion Flow technology. These technologies are designed to prevent blurring.

You can also opt for a high-end projector. If you think that a projector hanging from your wall can affect the aesthetics of your media room, look for a projector that can be placed on a cabinet or a table close to the wall. Yearn for a more immersive experience? A projector that projects a large image can help bring the movie theater experience home. Some projectors project an image as large as 120”.

Do Not Forget Audio

The sound quality in your media room can make or break your experience. If you are using old-fashioned speakers, consider upgrading to new-age speakers. With a contemporary, high-quality speaker, you will hear every dialogue, music and sound effect in fantastic detail.

Make sure the speakers you are considering blend with the design of your media room. Some speakers can be installed into the wall or ceiling. You won’t see them, but will experience high-quality, immersive sound coming from them while watching a high-octane action movie.

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