Reasons Why Smart Lighting Is an Excellent Addition to Any Home


Smart lighting is all the rage these days. There are many benefits to smart lighting, to name a few, it is designed for convenience, security, and energy efficiency. A smart lighting system may include automated lighting controls in Sonoma, CA, and high-efficiency fixtures.

Smart lighting can be controlled remotely via an app. Smart lights can be set to automatically dim, turn on, or turn off at particular times of the day or night.

Here are some compelling reasons to add smart lighting to your home from the experts at Sync Systems.

Enhances Home Security and Safety

Installing smart lighting around some of the most vulnerable areas of your home is a great way to beef up your home security. You can set your smart lighting to work in tandem with your cameras and security systems.

Before going on vacation, set your smart lights to automatically turn on at specific times to give the impression that someone’s home.

If you spend time poolside after dinner, installing smart lighting is a great way to prevent slips and falls. Hate walking into a dark house? Set your smart lights to turn on when you get home or activate them via your app as you park your car.


You can set all your lights to switch off with a single command. When you are preparing to host guests, you can adjust the foyer light, kitchen lights, and dining room lights with a single command.

Integrating smart lights with other smart devices such as smart door locks, music systems, and motorized shades is another way to enhance convenience as you will be able to lock your doors, set the security system, lower the thermostat, and close the shades with a single command.

Energy Efficiency

Though smart lights are pricier than traditional lights, their benefits far exceed their price. LED bulbs and smart lights are much more energy efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs.

You can reduce your energy consumption by setting your system to automatically alter the intensity of the lights based on occupancy, the time of the day, and when the shades open and close.

Match Your Mood or Activity

You can set your system to adjust the intensity of your smart lights to match your activity. When you are cooking, you can press the cook button on the wall-mounted keypad or use the command to increase the light intensity.

If you are watching a movie, you can command your system to dim the lights to enhance your movie-watching experience. You can also use other commands to accentuate artwork and architectural details.

Whether you want to turn an existing home into a smart home or are planning to build a new smart home from scratch, Sync Systems has you covered. We use smart home technology to simplify our clients’ lives and address their pain points. Have questions about smart home technology? Call us at (707) 799-9558.