Peace Of Mind For Your Home Technology


Today’s homes in Sonoma County are equipped with many electronic appliances, ranging from lighting control equipment and security surveillance systems to AV devices. However, time and again, there are maintenance requirements that can make one look for reliable support and service. It’s crucial to locate a company that facilitates customer assistance so that you can rest assured that your home systems are protected and monitored.

This article aims to list numerous advantages you can gain through the “Peace of Mind” package by Sync Systems Inc. which provides all-around customer service. This plan is mainly for those who don’t want to be riddled with the hassles related to equipment failure. At the same time, this package also delivers a mobile application tailored to keep up with your troubleshooting needs. This way customers can rest easy knowing that, should any technological hurdles arise Sync Systems will be there to help them through it.

Understanding the “Peace Of Mind” Package

Being focused on aiding with device management, this plan is divided into two categories — Essential ($29.99) and Enhanced ($49.99).

As the name suggests, you get all the basics handled with the Essential pack, such as reactive remote repair, app control, access to the Peace of Mind app, and 24/7 chat, email, and text support.

The Enhanced pack, on the other hand, includes all of these and provides additional features. This package includes proactive monitoring and remote repair, so even if an issue does arise you will be able to get it fixed quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, the enhanced version of this package includes 24/7 phone support on top of the aforementioned chat, email, and text support. Not only that, but enhanced package users also get priority on service calls so that should on-site service be required these users are placed at the top of the service schedule.

Why Should You Opt For It?

With a wide variety of electronic devices installed, it often seems daunting to make sure they are all properly monitored and, if necessary, receive the appropriate maintenance. If your lighting or AV devices run into trouble that is beyond your technical understanding or if you just don’t have the time, it’s time you consider a customer support package.

This is precisely where the “Peace of Mind” package comes into the picture, and actively removes any hassle. You can get the repair work done remotely as there are always experts proactively monitoring your devices. This means less tech-savvy users can have some “peace of mind” when it comes to keeping their home systems properly maintained and protected. This becomes possible with the technician staff that are available 24/7 so that your existing equipment can be monitored around the clock. They also monitor the health of your AV and lighting appliances and evaluate them from time to time.

Knowledgeable Technicians At Your Service

When you sign up for this program, you not only get the assistance needed to keep your electronics up and running but also an expert opinion on enhancing the life of your appliances.

This way, being worried about technological hurdles is a thing of the past. If your equipment ever malfunctions, there will always be a team dedicated to providing assistance.

To learn more about the “Peace of Mind” plan, please reach out to the experts at Sync Systems Inc. Our knowledgeable, professional staff can answer any questions you have or get you started on having peace of mind. Contact us at 707-799-9558 to get started!