Make Your Home Future-Proof with Smart Home Technology


When buying or building a home, it is critical to have longevity in mind, especially if you plan on staying there for the foreseeable future. If you want an integrated home, consider having a smart home system installed.

Home automation makes life easier. It allows you to control your smart devices remotely. Here are some home automation tips to help you get your house prepared for the future.

Designate and Prepare Entertainment Areas

Virtual reality goggles and immersive video games that transport you to an alternate universe may be the future of entertainment; however, these technologies will not become mainstream anytime soon. That said, there are several exciting technological advancements to watch out for.

You need to ensure your entertainment area is designed for the future. Run future-proof wiring conduits to your entertainment locations. This will allow you to wire-in future technology. Adding conduit and wiring for video and data when your home is under construction is the most effective way to control costs.

Before you start building your entertainment area, ask yourself what you want. Do you want the area to be designated exclusively for entertainment, or do you also plan to use the area to entertain guests?

Use Home Automation Cables

Many home automation companies in Santa Rosa recommend installing a CAT7 cable to every sensor point in the home. CAT7 cables supply more power, are more resistant to interference, and have a lower voltage drop.

Install a Control Panel for Home Automation

Homes of the future will come equipped with smart technologies that will allow homeowners to control devices remotely. Having different controls for different systems can be frustrating as you will have to switch between them continuously to control your devices.

To steer clear of this inconvenience, invest in an all-in-one control panel designed to control disparate systems. With an all-in-one control panel, you will be able to automate different features of your home under a single system. A cloud PACS eliminates the uncertainty and expense of under-provisioning infrastructure or planning for peak demand.

Leave Space

Do you think small is the new big? Think again! On the one hand, some things are getting smaller and smaller with time, on the other hand, some things are getting bigger with each passing year.

It wasn’t too long ago when 30-inch television screens were considered mammoth, today 70-inch televisions have become the norm.

If you plan to invest in a bigger TV some years down the line, look for a bigger sideboard or TV stand that can support its size. If you are a big fan of interactive VR games and are planning to bring a gaming console home, leave some free space around your TV to ensure you have enough area to jump and move.

Plan to Minimize the Impact of Internet Downtime

If the Internet goes off in your smart home, you might be unable to control your lighting and security systems. To prevent this from happening, invest in a solution that combines tethered smartphones, 4G, 3G, and your Wi-Fi network into a single connection.

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