How To Get The Maximum Benefits From Smart Home Security


Home break-ins have become more common than ever. Burglars have become sophisticated in their planning and efforts. You can keep an eye on your property when you are at home, but what if a burglar tries to break in when you are away? Are you ready for a worst-case scenario?

To secure your home, consider installing a home surveillance system. Talk to your home surveillance system installation company in Santa Rosa about the smart security features suitable for your home.

Installing a surveillance system won’t make a difference if you do not know how to use it accurately. Here are some tips to get the most out of your home security system.

Choose the Right System

Make sure your home security system meets essential guidelines. Grade 2 alarm systems should be used for small homes, while a Grade 3 alarm system may be required to secure a larger property.

If you are not willing to put in the effort or time to monitor your home through your home security system, look for a vendor that offers professional monitoring plans. If, however, affordability is a concern, opt for a self-monitored system.

Your security system must support home automation. Decide whether you need basic devices for intrusion detection or additional protection through smart cameras, smart doorbells, and smart locks.

Remember to Activate Your System

This may sound too obvious, but you won’t believe how many people forget activating their systems! Remember, if you forget to activate your system, it will be pretty much useless.

If you are one of those forgetful people who keep forgetting to activate their security systems before leaving their homes, look for a home automation system. With a smart home security system, you can use your connected smartphone/tablet/laptop to activate devices remotely.

Use Sensors

Use motion and door and window sensors that do not just detect when they are open and closed, but also trigger alerts when tampered with. You can also use these sensors to quickly check whether you closed your doors and windows before leaving your house.

Think About Camera Positioning and Placement

Security cameras should be placed at least nine feet above the ground to prevent burglars from smashing it. To deter burglars, make sure your cameras are visible. Use your smartphone to adjust the focus and pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities of your cameras.

Set Up Notifications

A smart home security system allows users to set up notifications. If you forget to lock doors or windows before leaving your home, your system will send a notification to the connected device. After you receive a notification, take the necessary steps to secure your home.

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