How to Design a Modern Meeting Room


Effective meetings benefit an organization in a myriad of ways by promoting collaboration, minimizing wasted time, and helping ensure that a team is heading in the same direction. A well-designed conference room will set the tone for meetings and can affect the mood of people as soon as they enter.

Consider installing user-friendly AV technologies designed to foster communication and collaboration, while eliminating audio dropouts, bad audio, and IT problems.

If you have a small team, consider building small huddle rooms instead of a large meeting room. A huddle room can accommodate 4-5 people while being very versatile and can also be used to host informal meetings, peer-to-peer meetings, and brainstorming sessions.

Integrate highly collaborative and flexible technologies into your huddle room designs. At a minimum, a huddle room will require a camera, a set of speakers and microphones, and a display screen to facilitate video conferencing with remote employees.

A huddle room should be device friendly and provide an information-sharing solution that allows meeting participants to share content to the display screen directly from their devices.

Conference rooms should be used for large meetings, board meetings, partner meetings, and client meetings. A conference room should be equipped with state-of-the-art technology designed to promote seamless information sharing and minimize disruption.

Use high-quality AV equipment designed to prevent common problems such as bad audio, lag time, and blurry video that can kill meetings. Your conference room should include high-definition cameras and use in-wall speakers designed to reduce sound reflection.

Tabletop microphones will contribute to a high-quality audio experience. Install large screens in large conference rooms so all meeting participants can view them clearly. A multi-screen video wall will allow the presenter to share multiple pieces of content on different screens while reserving one or more screens for displaying remote employees participating in the meeting.

A conference room should also include a fully integrated video conferencing system that enables remote teams to actively participate in meetings. Look for all-in-one solutions, one-touch start systems that enable automatic start and stop of scheduled meetings.

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