A Guide to Choosing the Right Audio Video Solutions Provider


Gone are the days when just businesses used audio video solutions. Today, homeowners are also increasingly opting for audio video solutions that can help them relax and de-stress after a long day at work. When looking for an AV company near you, remember that not every professional who claims to be a know-all expert deserves your attention and trust. When you are in the market looking for an expert service provider, you will come across various amateurs who masquerade as knowledgeable professionals to dupe customers of their hard-earned money. To get value for money, steer clear of these scamsters. When selecting a provider, consider these factors to make an informed decision:

1. The Nature of Services
When it comes to audiovisual solutions, the rule one-size-fits-all falls flat on its face. Be wary of providers who focus on selling as many equipment as they can. Instead, look for professionals who take out time from their busy schedule to understand your requirements, and then come up with a custom solution. Prefer dealing with a provider who employs a team of audiovisual specialists who possess the necessary expertise and knowledge to come up with a plan to deliver sustainable solutions within your budget. Look for a provider who provides continuous support.

2.The Provider’s Reputation
Do not sign on the dotted line till you are 100 percent sure that the provider is trustworthy. To gauge the level of expertise of the service provider, talk to references provided by the professional. Ask them questions regarding the provider’s professionalism and quality of workmanship, and whether they recommend the expert. Join online forums dedicated to discussing providers in Sonoma County. Look for online ratings and reviews.

3. The Provider’s Experience
Look for a service provider with years of experience under their belt. An experienced service provider understands the functioning of different systems and can come up with a solution that best meets your needs. Experienced service providers are also experts at designing mutually beneficial agreements that are a win-win for all the stakeholders involved.

These are some factors to consider when hiring an audio video solutions provider. At Sync Systems, nothing excites us more than the prospect of working on varied projects. Equipped with over 15 years of experience, we love facing challenges head on. To learn more about us, call at 707-799-9558. Alternatively, to get answers to your questions, fill out our contact form.