Best Ways to Save Energy With Home Automation

Best Ways to Save Energy With Home Automation

Slowly but surely, home automation is gaining popularity in Sonoma County. It has immense potential to simplify your life. Turning devices on and off manually is passe. A home automation system allows you to control your smart lighting and devices remotely.

Forgot to close a door or window before leaving your home for work? No worries. Control it with just a few taps on your device. In addition to making your life more convenient, home automation can help you slash your energy bill.

Here are some ways to use home automation to save on your electricity bill.

Control Your Lights With Easy Commands

With a home automation system, you don’t have to constantly worry about forgetting to switch off lights on your way out or kids leaving them on before leaving a room. You can use your home automation system to control your lights remotely. You can even program your lights to automatically switch on or off at a certain time every day to match your routine.

Smart lighting systems have motion sensors that detect and measure movement to determine whether lights are needed. If a room is unoccupied, your smart lighting system will automatically switch off the lights in it, helping save electricity.

Control Indoor Temperature and Humidity Levels

Heating and cooling account for 40% of the average household’s energy use. Your home automation system can help maintain a comfortable and cozy home, thereby reducing the need for artificial cooling and heating.

Use your smart thermostat to control indoor temperature and the humidity levels in your home. Unlike traditional heating and cooling systems, smart thermostats feature a wide variety of control mechanisms such as room-specific settings and adaptable timers that give you more control when it comes to deciding the amount of energy you want to use to heat or cool your home.

The best home automation solutions in Sonoma will track home energy use, providing insightful information about your energy consumption patterns and will also generate usage-based recommendations. Once you acquire an in-depth understanding of how you use energy, you can develop a plan to reduce your electricity consumption.

If you ever forget to turn your smart thermostat off before leaving for work or vacation, you can control it from your location.

Control the Amount of Natural Light and Sunlight Entering Your Home

The warmer your rooms are in winter, the easier it is for your heating system to keep your home cozy. Similarly, in summer, with a cool home, you won’t feel the urge to blast your AC as often.

You can use motorized blinds to maximize and reduce the amount of sunlight that enters your home in winter and summer, reducing the need for heating and air conditioning. Use automated blinds to add more natural light to your home, so you don’t need artificial light to read and perform activities of daily living.

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