Advantages of Installing an AV System at Your Home Office

Advantages of Installing an AV System at Your Home Office

Working remotely has become more widely accepted in recent years. If you prefer working from home, you need a dedicated workspace to help you focus. Therefore, when setting up a dedicated workspace or a home office space, install an audio video system.

There are several compelling reasons to install an AV system. It can help you communicate effectively with your team and clients. Additionally, an advanced AV system allows you to add hi-resolution pictures and videos to your presentation, helping them to be more effective.

Here is how a well planned and executed AV installation can transform an ordinary home office setup into an extraordinary setup, helping improve your productivity.

Eliminates the Need for Unsightly Wires

Cords and wires can make your workspace messy. Not only do cords and wires make a room look messy, but they can also pose a tripping hazard. Too many wires can create confusion and you may struggle to figure out which wire goes where.

Hence, a wireless presentation addresses these problems. Your wireless networking provider can install a plug and play hub that you can use to fix your HDMI cables before an important presentation or meeting. A plug and play hub can help you to run effective meetings. With a plug and play cable, you will have less cables lying around.

Convey Your Ideas Clearly

Smartboard technologies can help you effectively share and present your ideas. Also, the large format display of a smartboard allows your team members and clients to visualize clearly and effectively.

If you hate writing meeting minutes, opt for a meeting capture system. A meeting capture system allows you to stay focused during meetings and presentations. Meeting capture systems can be used for several purposes such as writing meeting notes including sketches, texts, pictures, scheduling follow up meetings, and exporting meeting notes.

Reduced Costs

A cloud phone system is a must for work from home professionals who make client calls regularly. A premium VoIP system is designed to eliminate audio quality issues. Additionally, it can also help reduce call costs by up to 40%. When choosing a VoIP service, consider third party integration features. Check different plans and select the one that suits your needs. When in doubt, consult an expert.

Your AV system should consist of:

  • A wireless lav mic/wireless table microphone
  • A hi-resolution audio player so you can play relaxing music during breaks
  • In-ear monitors
  • A flat screen or TV

Add on a sound masking system that mitigates any disruptive noise in your home office.

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