7 Home Automation Ideas to Elevate Your Lifestyle!

7 Home Automation Ideas to Elevate Your Lifestyle!

Smart home automation allows you to use the intelligent devices in your home through your smartphone or any other connected device from anywhere. It has the potential to make our lives more convenient. Home automation technologies are evolving at a rapid pace. If you want to learn about the technologies that are making a splash, reach out to a home automation company serving Calistoga for help.

From improved home security to decreased energy consumption, there are many benefits of home automation. To help you get the most out of home automation, we have compiled a list of some home automation ideas. Take a look!

Jumpstart Your Morning

Most people hate waking up to the jarring sound of their alarms in the morning. Smart home systems can help address the problem. You can set your blinds to automatically raise in the morning, letting in just the right amount of sunshine to brighten your room. Why use an alarm when you can set up your music system to play soft music to wake you up gently in the morning. You can also program the lights in your bathroom to switch on automatically in the morning so you can start getting ready for work or school.

As you make your way to the kitchen, the music follows you. By the time you reach your kitchen, the home lighting system turns on the recessed lights, draws the curtains, and sets the temperature to your liking. After you have your breakfast and dress for work, lock your smart doors and close the windows with just a few taps on your phone.

Smart Lighting Automations

You can control your smart lights remotely and may even program them to automatically switch on, off, or dim at certain times of the day. Smart lighting solutions often use LEDs which consume less electricity than regular light bulbs and last longer. Here are some smart lighting automation ideas to simplify and improve your life.

Set Your Lights to Automatically Turn on at Sunset

Some applets allow you to set your smart lights to automatically switch on when the sun sets. Once you set a schedule, you will never ever have to manually switch on your lights. This is a great way to improve home security. When you’re not home, your smart lights come on automatically at sunset, making it seem like someone’s home. It’s a well-known fact that most burglars won’t target well-lit homes.

Program Your Lights to Automatically Turn off When Rooms are Unoccupied

Oftentimes, we forget to switch off the lights in a room before leaving it. By leaving lights on in unoccupied rooms in your home, you inadvertently waste energy. A smart lighting automation system can automatically turn off lights when you exit a room, helping improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Set Your Lights to Turn on Automatically When You Reach Home at Night

Snakes and other dangerous animals can use long grass and shrubs in your garden to hide. If your driveway or yard isn’t well illuminated, you may accidentally step on a snake or any other creature while walking on your driveway at night. This can startle the animal and it may instinctively attack you. Also, a burglar can hide behind objects in your garden, waiting for the opportune moment to strike. To improve home safety, set your outdoor lights to automatically switch on at sunset

Smart Plugs

Smart plugs allow you to transform your regular electronic devices (including fans, lamps, stoves, and air conditioners) into smart devices. You can use smart plugs to have your lights automatically turn on when you enter a room in your home. Smart plugs also enable you to control your appliances remotely with voice commands.

Smart Thermostat Automations

You can set your smart thermostat to automatically adjust your heating or cooling system when you’re not home. This is a great way to save energy. You can even program your smart thermostat to switch on automatically when you return from outside.

If you are having trouble choosing the best thermostat for your home, seek help from a home automation company in Calistoga. A home automation expert can educate you about the different models you are considering so you can weigh their benefits and shortcomings, and then make an informed decision.

Smart Home Security Automations

Worried that burglars may try to break into your home when you’re away? Program your cameras to automatically turn on when you leave your home. Once you have done this, you can check camera feed on your phone remotely.

An unoccupied home is a soft target for burglars. Before going on holiday or on a business trip, set your smart blinds to automatically raise and lower at certain times of the day to make it seem like someone’s home. You can also program your smart lights to come on at sunset.

*Note: Even when you’re home, you can set your blinds to automatically raise in the morning to let natural light in and lower after noon to help reduce glare.

Set the Mood for a Movie Night

You need not manually lower your blinds and dim the lights to set the mood for a romantic movie night. Just use a voice command and your home automation system will manage everything.

Get a Warm Welcome When You Return Home

Using your smart home system, you can set home temperature remotely to ensure your home is cozy and comfortable by the time you return from work or school. Once you enter your home, the system dims the pathway lights and plays soft music helping you relax.

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