4 Tips for Effective Surveillance System Installation

4 Tips for Effective Surveillance System Installation

A surveillance system offers both home owners and business owners peace of mind. Strategically placed surveillance cameras can help you remotely surveil different parts of your property.

One of the most important aspects of a system that can affect the performance and functionality is how it was installed. No matter how advanced your surveillance system is, if it wasn’t installed properly, it won’t be effective.

Here are some tips for a flawless surveillance installation in Sonoma.

Place Cameras Correctly

Secure Areas That Grant Access to Your Property

Place cameras at your main entrance, back or side doors, driveway, garage, main stairway or hallways and any other areas that might grant entrance to your home. To prevent tampering, place cameras high – at least 10 feet above the ground. Avoid blind spots such as the corners of your building.

Camera Placement

Do not point cameras towards the sun. Use cameras to secure all entry points and angle your cameras properly. If you want to secure a door or window, place a camera a foot or two away from it and angle it towards the entrance.

Many homeowners place their cameras in areas where they’re easily visible to deter burglars. On the flip side, cameras can make a burglar think that you have something valuable in your home. So, you might want to consider this when deciding whether you should make your cameras visible or keep them hidden.

Secure Your Equipment

If you have a smart camera surveillance system that connects to your home network, take steps to secure it from hackers. Change default or factory settings and default passwords. Use different networks for your data and security cameras.

Create secure, difficult-to-guess passwords. A good password is a mixture of special characters and upper- and lower-case letters and contains at least 12 characters. If you have a wired system, hide cables in a conduit so a burglar can’t access and severe them.

Install Only Outdoor Cameras Outdoor

Outdoor cameras are exposed to the elements. A camera designed for indoor use cannot withstand the elements and can develop problems. Malfunctioning or damaged cameras can compromise your safety and security. To avoid performance problems, install cameras designed for outdoor use in your exterior.

Improve Your System With Smart Lighting and Sensors

Sensors are designed to detect unauthorized movements and alert the homeowner. They can also detect other threats such as smoke, fire and carbon monoxide. To increase the effectiveness of your system, consider adding sensors to it during installation.

Another way to ensure your cameras capture every detail is to install smart lights in areas under surveillance. Smart lights automatically turn on and off according to a predetermined schedule and can provide the illumination required for the cameras to pick up important details.

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