At Sync Systems, we take your health seriously. We continue to be open for business and are taking every precaution when working at your home or business. We will wear gloves, wipe down surfaces, our work area, and practice best practices for social distancing. Our employees' health is also being closely monitored. We look forward to safely serving you and making your home or office a dream come true.

Motorized Shades

With automated window treatments from Sync Systems, you can control the natural light that enters your home with as much precision and ease as you would any lightswitch in your house.
With our motorized shades, you can adjust your blinds from a remote or smartphone. Block out that low winter sun, or welcome the morning sunshine in. Our shades are even programmable and adaptable. By using our preset controls, you can decide whether your neighbors can see inside even when you’re not at home. And don’t worry: we know that aesthetics are important to our customers, so our motorized shades blend seamlessly with your decor.