Why Now is the Perfect Time to Upgrade Your Home Security System


Like all other technology, every home security system needs an update. This could be my personal preference or necessity. As these systems age, they may begin to malfunction and call for an upgrade. Listed below are the top reasons, according to smart home companies in Sonoma County, as to why it is the perfect time to upgrade your existing security system.

The System is Outdated – This is obvious. It is a good idea to upgrade your home security system at least once every 10 years. This is about the time when components begin to malfunction which can lead to false alarms. An update will give you an alarm system that has the latest capabilities.

Going Wireless – If you like to stay up-to-date with technology, it is about time you went wireless. When you upgrade to a wireless system, you will evade risks such as power surges and lightning strikes affecting your security system. It also eliminates the risk of hard lines being ripped out, being cut, or even tampered with. This means you can keep your family safe and secure when you upgrade to a wireless home security system.

On-the-Go Access – Upgrading your home security system means you get access to the latest and best technology out there. The latest home security systems facilitate smartphone access that will allow you to control the system on the fly and even view and angle your cameras. Let us not forget the many home automation features such as lighting control, thermostat control, and door lock control.

For a Louder Alarm System – If your home security system is over 10 years old, but still doing its job, you may wonder why at all you must be considering an upgrade. This is particularly necessary if your home alarm isn’t loud enough. Oftentimes, home security systems have all the bells and whistles your heart can desire, but yet not be loud enough and thus failing its very purpose. As your alarm system grows older, its siren will not be as loud as it once used to be. The solution? An upgrade! Thankfully, home security systems do not cause a fortune and can also be easily configured and fixed.

Bottom line? Your home security is in your hands. It is imperative to consider an upgrade once every 10 years if not sooner, so as to keep your home, your family, and belongings safe and secure. If you are looking for smart home companies in Sonoma County to install a home security system, look no further than Sync Systems Inc. Call us today at 707-799-9558 to discuss your options.