What You Can Feature in a Commercial Audio-Visual Installation


Want to enhance your customer experience? Consider installing a commercial audio visual system. A commercial AV system can help create a more relaxing atmosphere. A pleasing ambience will make your customers want to return to your business.

Here are some audio-video technologies you can feature in your AV installation that are sure to enhance your customer experience.

4K Ultra HD Displays

4K Ultra HD displays offer ultra pictures. A 4K Ultra HD TV will deliver the ultimate viewing experience for your guests. 4K ULtra HD TVs provide the ultimate viewing experience. High-contrast and high-brightness images will draw in peoples’ eyes and will help your brand get noticed.

You can also use 4K digital signage to promote your business or spread messages. You can, for instance, create a display that highlights your account and encourages people to follow your business on social media.

You can also use digital signage to promote your offerings and upcoming events.

Integrated Control System

Many commercial audio visual installations in Sonoma and elsewhere include an integrated control system that allows the user to manage all technologies in their AV system through a smartphone, tablet, or in-wall touchscreen panels.

You can use your integrated control system to select a playlist, adjust the speaker volume, change the TV channel, and turn on your digital 4K displays simultaneously.

With an integrated control system, you won’t have to scramble to find the correct remote and can use your integrated control application to change the channel every time your customers have a special request

Many installers integrate AV systems with other commercial automation features such as smart lighting control and motorized window treatments.

High-end Speakers

Sound plays a major role in shaping experience. You need high-end speakers with 4k Ultra HD TVs to create an experience that will blow your customers away.

Installing high-end speakers is one of the best ways to ensure everyone (even customers seated far away from the television or the music system) can clearly listen to music or TV audio.

Restaurant owners can use high-end speakers to create a relaxing, tranquil atmosphere (the cornerstone of a great dining experience).

An AV installation professonal will install in-wall and ceiling speakers to ensure they are out of view while still delivering high-quality audio.

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