What to Expect When Working with a Smart Home Professional


Smart home automation has come a long way. Who would have thought a few years back that people would live in homes that can seemingly think on their own? Smart homes are here to stay. A study estimates that around 63 million American households will qualify as “smart” by 2022.

From increased energy efficiency to superior security, there are several benefits of smart home automation. Smart technology and devices are designed to make life easier.

Designing and building a smart home requires various skills. It is a job best left to experts. Hiring the right smart home company in Sonoma County for your home automation project should be a priority, not an afterthought.

Ask friends and family members for referrals. Check online reviews and ratings of local providers. Once you have a list of your preferred providers, interview them. Choose a smart home company that offers a service contract. Look for a company that offers 24/7 post-installation support.

The Process

After you hire a smart home professional, they would want to learn more about your lifestyle and preferences. During the first meeting, the professional will ask you various questions to understand your home automation goals. They will ask you whether you prefer upgrading everything in one go, or plan to make additions over time.

After your smart home professional has all the information they need, they will create a project outline and an action plan to achieve your home automation goals without exceeding your budget.

If you do not understand anything, or have doubts about the plan, now is the right time to speak your mind. Address any changes you want to see. Thoroughly explain what you want to achieve. A smart home professional will be happy to answer questions you shoot at them.

Once decisions have been made, your smart home professional will provide you the scope of work. The document must contain information related to parts and products, and how they will be used. It must detail all the activities that must be accomplished.

After ensuring you and your provider are on the same page, schedule your installation. Once the installation is complete, your smart home professional will train and educate you on your home automation system. Be sure to ask any questions you may have.

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