Tips for Increasing Maintaining Audio Visual (AV) and Internet Performance Safely at Home or Work

Social distancing and keeping our families at home are the current requirements for reducing the spread of COVID-19. This could include telecommuting for work, home schooling for students of all ages, or family night with video streaming. Construction and licensed electrical contractors have been rated as essential businesses. Now more than ever, we need our home AV and internet systems working at their optimum.

Our goal is to keep you connected to your home to help reduce already high levels of stress. While we at Sync Systems are taking the COVID-19 virus very seriously, there are various ways we can help.

Peace of Mind Coverage – We offer two levels of coverage for 24 x 7 x365 remote servicing of smart home, audio/visual, and internet systems. Up to 85% of issues regarding connectivity or keeping all of your smart home devices properly communicating can be addressed remotely. Click here to see our packages and what the cover.

Wi-Fi Upgrades – Is your internet coverage working throughout your home or business? Is your download speed adequate? Give us a call and we can help with expanding your internet coverage throughout your home or business and increasing your download speeds.

Call us at 707-799-9558 to discuss how we can help. We may also be able to guide you through some options without entering your home.

Home Schooling – Studies have shown that the longer our children (or adults) are out of school, the more their memories of what they have learned this school year fades away. Home schooling is important and easier than we might think with the internet and videos. Many apps can be loaded or access on smart TVs, computers, laptops, tablets, and cell phones.

Need a new smart TV in the kid’s playroom, or your office? Contact Sync Systems if you need any of your AV systems upgraded or your Wi-Fi coverage increased.

In Home Repair - If someone from Sync Systems needs to come to your home for a repair, upgrade or new installation, our techs wear gloves, masks, booties, spread blankets to catch all debris and bring dust busters for anything that might escape. We wipe our products and tools down with disinfectant wipes before each call, as well as anything we touch in your home when we complete your service. We also monitor the health of our techs each day.

However, if someone in your home has been tested positive for COVID-19 and is quarantined at home, we will need to postpone any in-home visits until the 14-day quarantine period is completed. Contact us about how we can help remotely.

New Construction – Since our trade has been listed as essential, and we have our safety protocols in place, including social distancing, we are continuing to maintain our new construction schedules.

Our current COVID-19 containment practices include the following:

  • Monitor health of our technicians each day when they report to work
  • Wear masks and gloves on all job sites at all times
  • Disinfect all tools, equipment and products before and after use
  • Disinfect all incoming shipments of new products and materials
  • Maintain 6-feet social distancing
  • Move all meetings to virtual
  • Minimize paper work with electronic records

With this in mind, please notify us if anyone on your jobsite tests positive for COVID-19 and then we can discuss impact and schedules. For job site sanitization processes and vendors, see below.

While it is our goals to provide all of our customers with the support the need, Sync Systems is taking the necessary safety precautions as directed by the CDC and our government. Feel free to contact us with questions, concerns, suggestions, or ideas.

If you are looking for audio-visual companies in Sonoma County to install components of a smart home, look no further than Sync Systems Inc. Call us today at 707-799-9558 or contact us via email ( or through our website.