Things to Know Before Planning an Audio-Visual Installation


We use audio-visual devices in our everyday lives. There are many benefits of audio-visual installation for a business. An AV system is expensive, but worth the money. With an AV system, your employees will be able to perform their tasks more efficiently and facilitate a higher level of collaboration between teams.

If you want to cut operational costs, your contractor will design a VoIP solution that fits your needs. A VoIP system typically is roughly 40% cheaper than a traditional system.

Here are some things you should know about AV installations before hiring an audio-visual company near you to plan your installation.

Types of AV Equipment

Whether you want to install an AV system in your home or office, you will have a variety of choices when it comes to choosing AV equipment.

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of the right equipment. If you are planning to set up a whole house AV system, look for equipment that can power your home theater, televisions, smart systems, music system, and speakers.

If you are planning a setup to improve your office environment, make sure it is geared to the needs of your employees. The ideal AV system for the workplace includes conferencing tools such as 4k cameras, speakers, connectivity devices, and microphones.

Planning is Key

AV installation projects can be very complex and require proper planning. Most experienced installers use checklists designed to help installation teams keep things organized.

When developing your installation plan, your AV installation partner will consider all the important factors, such as who will be using the system and your budget.

During the initial consultation, the professional will ask you several questions to better understand your pain points. Once your installer has an in-depth understanding of your requirement, they will come up with a solution that addresses your pain points.

Common AV Planning Pitfalls to Avoid

➢ Not Involving the Stakeholders: Involve the correct stakeholders, including the primary user groups, from the beginning. If you involve important stakeholders at a later stage and they point flaws in your plan, you may have to go back to the drawing board and change the scope of your project.

➢ Not Choosing Furniture at the Beginning: Your furniture should be in place before the installation begins as many endpoints will route through or end at a furniture piece.

➢ Skipping Network Conversation: In many cases, commissioning cannot be completed until network testing/verification, IP assignments, and IT infrastructure planning are completed.

AV installation is best left to experts. At Sync Systems, we have assembled an A-team of installation experts. We will build a user-friendly, scalable, and intuitive AV solution for your business. To learn more, call us at (707) 799-9558.