Sounding Out: Get Better Audio in Your Home Theater Installation


Audio quality can make or break your home theater experience. When installing your home theater system, you need to come up with a plan to achieve the best sound quality. Here are some tips to ensure your home theater system delivers astonishing sonic performance.

Use Acoustic Treatments

The two most important factors that impact sound quality are the installation area’s capacity to absorb and reflect sounds. Reflection can be defined as the echoes that you sometimes hear when someone talks in a room.

A surround sound system has the potential to produce more echoes. If you intend to install a surround sound system, you may want to add some consistent padding throughout the room. Consider using fabric-covered acoustic wall panels to reduce sound reflection. If you have floor standing speakers, install carpets to absorb sounds.

Make Sure You Have Enough Subwoofers

A good rule of thumb is that you need at least two subwoofers for every row. Make sure your subwoofers are placed in mode canceling arrangements to provide consistent, smooth bass across the seating area. Placing subwoofers in the corner at the front end of the room will maximize their output.

Plan Your Seating Arrangement

Place the seats in a home theater away from walls and speakers. To ensure auditory distractions are fully contained within your walls, place your seating at least a foot from the back wall. If you place seats near walls, you will lose surround sound envelopment. Use this formula to calculate the optimal distance from your speakers and screen.

Distance from TV= Diagonal length of your projector’s screen * 2 (in feet)

Use the Right Speakers

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of using the right speakers for your home theater system. Steer clear of speakers with a single soft or metal dome tweeter. Check the compression drivers of your speakers and make sure they have horns.

Get a center speaker and install it behind an acoustically transparent screen. For surrounds, use monopoles or bipoles.

Use the Right Cables

Audio cables can impact sound quality. The resistance of your wires should not differ from your speaker’s impedance by more than five percent. Use copper wires, as copper has low resistance and is more affordable than many other materials. Insulate copper wires, so they are not exposed to copper oxide.

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