Media Space, Home Theater, Or Hybrid: Which One’s Best for You?


Why step out of your home to watch a movie when you can bring a movie theater right into your living room? Thanks to technological advancements, creating a dedicated space that emulates the movie theater experience while eliminating distractions is easier than ever.

Your home automation expert will work with your interior designer to design decor, lighting, and acoustics for your home theater to elevate your movie experience. The professionals will come up with a plan to create a distraction-free environment.

If you do not like stepping out of your home for work, consider creating a media space in your home designed to help you collaborate with remote teams.

Home Theater, Media Space, and Hybrid Explained

A home theater in Santa Rosa and elsewhere is designed to recreate a movie theater experience and mood. A home theater utilizes several consumer-electronics grade video and audio equipment to create the ambiance of a theater.

Many home cinema enthusiasts design a dedicated room for their theaters. These separate rooms boast sophisticated design elements such as room-in-a-room construction that isolate sound to create a distraction-free environment. Other equipments commonly used in dedicated rooms are large screens and high-definition projectors designed to elevate the viewers’ movie experience.

Media spaces are electronic settings designed to help remote teams collaborate. A media space can be used by groups of people to work together, even when they are in different locations. A media space employs several devices to help users create real-time visual and acoustic environments that span physically separate areas. Teams can also control the recording, accessing, and replaying of images and sounds from those environments.

If you want something extra, create dedicated spaces that combine the best elements of your private theater with those of your family room system. These are known as hybrid rooms. You must ensure that the lighting and acoustics of your hybrid rooms match that of a theater. When creating your seating plan and deciding the decor, your aim must be to create a space where people can relax and interact.

If you want to upgrade your entertainment system and have a room that can be specifically used for entertainment, a dedicated theater or hybrid may be for you.

Remember to seek answers to these questions before building a home theater or hybrid:

• How important is flexibility for you?

• Do you plan to entertain, watch, and listen to the media at the same time?

• Do you intend to use your system for multiple purposes(watching movies, gaming, and casual sports viewing)?

• Do you currently have space where your family gathers socially to watch movies or play games?

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