Improving the Life of Elderly People with Home Automation


Lifestyle and needs of people have changed drastically over the years. With developments in science and technology, various new tools and applications have been invented to make all of our lives easier and with more convenience. However, there are certain requirements from a life that always remain the same – these include security, safety, lighting, sound, opening, and closing window coverings, locking doors, and the convenience of working and studying from home, etc. With home automation, all these things have become possible.

Home Automation and Elderly People

If you thought that home automation is only targeted towards the creation of smart homes, guess again. It is also used to make working at home easier and to improve the overall quality of life. Another important thing is that home automation is very helpful for disabled people and for elderly people. It makes staying at home easier, simpler, safer and more secure. There are many elderly people who live alone and need help. With a home automation system, certain tasks can get done which they cannot do themselves. Listed below are some ways in which home automation can be of help to elderly people, helping to remain in their homes and independent longer.

Smart Doorbell – When you have a smart doorbell installed in the house, you do not need to get up from your seat to check who is at the door. This is very helpful for elderly people as they can check who is at the door before opening it. It provides additional safety and restricts the entry of unknown people in the house. Their family members can monitor visitors and deliveries remotely if needed.

Integrated Security System – Safety and security of a home are very important, particularly when an elderly person lives alone. With the installation of the integrated security system, you are well covered and protected from various kinds of hazards. There was a time when home security systems were very complex with loads of wiring and monitoring fees. But now things have become simpler and sleek. The process of installation is also simple and gets done within a few minutes. It is possible to link the security system with various other devices in the house like door locks, thermostats, cameras, garage door controllers, etc. and the devices can be further accessed from your smartphone from any location. You can watch mom or dad from your phone while at work, lock or unlock their door, adjust their thermostat, turn lights on and off automatically or manually, open and close window coverings, check that the stove is not left on, receive an alert when a door is opened, speak to your family member or friend, and even answer the front door all from work or home anywhere, anytime. There are many home automation companies in Santa Rosa that manufacture such integrated security systems for houses.

Smart Medical Alert Device – For an elderly person, a medical emergency can happen at any time. Slipping and falling or some other kind of medical emergency might need a quick response, and for such situations, a smart medical alert device is very useful. With such a device in place, elderly people can remain active and independent with immense peace of mind that help will be available even in emergency situations. There is a help button on the device, which needs to be pressed. The device comes in the form of a wearable like a wristwatch or a kind of pendant that can be hung from the neck. Mobile and app integration is also enabled in the device.

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