How to Stay Cool with Lighting and Shading Control


Summer is knocking at our doorstep. Soon, mornings and days will become hotter. As temperatures rise, families will start using their air conditioning systems to improve indoor comfort levels.

It is estimated that around 50 percent of the total energy consumed by an average U.S. household is used for heating and cooling. No wonder our energy bills shoot up during the heating and cooling seasons.

You can win the battle against the sweltering sun by controlling your lighting and shading. Lighting and shading control will keep your home cool, helping reduce the need to use your AC for cooling too frequently.

If you are looking for ways to reduce your dependency on your AC for cooling, you have come to the right place. Here are a few tips to use automated shades and lighting control in Sonoma County to cool your home.

Utilize Custom Mobile Controls

You can customize your smart home according to your personal preferences. During summer, you can set your system to maintain a comfortable home temperature and save energy at the same time.

Many systems have an app that can be used to adjust home features. Motorized shades, for instance, can be lowered every day at 11 A.M. when the sun beats down relentlessly. Raise your shades after sunset when the temperature dips.

Time your lights to turn on when shades go down. When the temperature rises, set your thermostat to lower and raise it when the sunsets. Save your preferred settings so that you do not have to set the temperature again manually.

Use Different Shades for Different Needs

Look for fabrics such as blackout shades that block UV rays at different levels. In winter, switch to super sheer shades that allow daylight and heat in. After getting automated shades, customize your controls. Blend the wall plate controller in with your wall or use it as an accent.

If you have a smartphone or laptop or tablet connected to the system’s app, you can use it to control your heating/cooling devices remotely.

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