How To Get The Best Home Theater Sound


A home theater without a good audio system is like a body without a soul. No matter how impressive the visuals are, it will go to waste if you cannot clearly hear what’s happening. When installing a home theater in Santa Rosa, remember to optimize the sound.

The end goal must be to deliver an awesome 3D audio experience. Optimizing sound can be more challenging than setting up display as there are more moving parts involved. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Use Hi-fidelity Speakers

Look for Hi-fidelity (Hi-Fi) speakers with little distortion and wide frequency range. Center speakers should have good midrange. Opt for speakers that blend in with your walls and ceilings.

When choosing between different types of speakers, including loudspeakers, architectural speakers, and bookshelf speakers, consider the layout of your entertainment area and your needs.

Use Acoustic Treatments to Improve Room Acoustics

Not every room has the perfect acoustic environment for a home theater. If there are problem spots in your room, use acoustic treatments such as acoustic panels and bass traps to improve the acoustics of the area and absorb excess frequencies.

Use a Dolby Atmos Speaker Setup

A Dolby Atmos speaker setup will help create an immersive and personalized audio environment. Opt for Atmos-enabled AV receivers designed to move audio seamlessly throughout the room, instead of a traditional surround system that limits the audio to specific channels.

In a Dolby Atmos layout, speaker placement is similar to a conventional 5.1 or 7.1 surround setup with right, center, left, and surround speakers. You will also have to install overhead speakers. In-ceiling speakers and Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers bounce audio off the ceiling, creating an immersive experience.

Calibrate Speakers

When adding multiple speakers, it is absolutely critical to calibrate them. Calibrating speakers is one of the best ways to ensure sound, tone, and volume consistency. Even if your system has auto-calibration features, hire an expert to finalize the setting and layout. Ensure everything matches perfectly with the room.

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