How Smart Shades Can Change Your Home


Smart shades are motorized shades. They can be controlled with a smartphone app or spoken commands. You can also run them on a schedule or integrate them with home-automation software.

Smart shades are fast becoming a popular alternative to manually operated shades. They are more efficient than traditional shades.

The benefits of smart shades go beyond convenience. Smart shades can turn your home into a calming oasis. They are both stylish and functional.

Motorized blinds are a perfect solution for people who hate adjusting blinds as the day progresses. Motorized shades in Sonoma can be operated by touching a button. You can even use an app to control your blinds remotely.

Connecting motorized blinds to a smart home hub will allow them to react independently to temperature fluctuations. Your blinds will know exactly when to open during a sunny day in winter and close during the hottest time of the day in summer to maximize HVAC efficiency.


Motorized blinds can also improve home security. If you forget to close your blinds before leaving home, you can use your smartphone to close them remotely from any part of the world.

Before going away on vacation, program your blinds to close automatically at night and open during the day to make it look like you are home.

Motorized blinds can even provide additional safety benefits. You can connect your smart shades to your home’s smoke alarm. This will allow them to automatically open when a fire is detected inside, making it easier for first responders to locate your home.

Motorized blinds are custom fit to windows and professionally installed. Perfectly installed stylish blinds can increase your home value. As home automation increases in popularity, motorized blinds will be a growing trend. In the not-too-distant future, motorized blinds will be considered a necessity.

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