How Home Lighting Control Saves Energy


Wasting energy is bad for your wallet and the environment. It is estimated that households waste 35 percent of the power they use.

When you save energy, you help the environment. If families reduce their energy consumption, the energy saved could be used to power a project or light up homes in an energy-deficient area.

One of the ways in which you can save energy at home is by switching off lights when not needed. If you keep forgetting to switch off your lights, consider home lighting control. A lighting control system in Sonoma, CA allows you to automatically turn lights on and off as required.

Here are some ways in which home lighting control saves energy.

Automatic Energy Savings

Home lighting control automatically saves energy. They come equipped with sensors that sense natural light and automatically turn down your lights accordingly. Smart sensors automatically dim or switch off lights when a room has been unoccupied for a specified amount of time and can help you cut your home energy usage by 35-45 percent.

Load Shedding

Your home lighting control can help you save energy and cut energy costs by reducing your usage during peak hours. You can program your system to dim lights for brief periods during peak hours.

Dimmed light bulbs can make a big difference to your electricity bill as rates are the highest during peak hours. It is estimated that dimming lights during peak periods can reduce energy use by 5-15 percent. This will also take some stress off the power grid.

Every type of lighting, when dimmed, consumes less energy. Dimming a non-LED light will reduce energy use by 20 percent, whereas a halogen light source dimmed 35 percent can reduce energy usage by 28 percent.

Extends the Service Life of Your Bulbs

Home lighting control can help extend the useful life of your bulbs up to 20 times. When you keep your bulbs switched on for a long time, they get extremely hot. Extreme heat can cut short a bulb’s service life.

Every year, millions of bulbs end up in landfills, which is bad for the environment. Plus, manufacturing companies spend a considerable amount of resources to manufacture and transport new bulbs.

A lighting control system will make your bulbs last longer by dimming them during certain times of the day. You will be throwing out fewer bulbs which are difficult to recycle.

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