Features of the Best 4k Security Cameras


The latest in video surveillance, 4k resolution cameras deliver over eight times clearer images than traditional 720p cameras. The images from a 4k camera look clear, crisp, and realistic, not pixelated. However, not all 4k cameras are created equal. A low-quality 4k camera will fail to capture clear images.

To help you make an informed decision, we take a look at the remarkable features of the best 4k cameras on the market that are commonly used as surveillance systems at homes in Santa Rosa.

Video Quality

If a burglary occurs at your property, surveillance footage can be used to identify the perpetrators. Surveillance footage can also be used as evidence in court.

If the surveillance footage is blurry, identifying the perpetrators and establishing their guilt could prove to be an uphill struggle. For this reason, it is important that you choose a high-quality 4k camera with high video quality.

4k security cameras were built to offer clearer details than their traditional counterparts. If you plan to install your security camera outdoors, make sure it can operate reliably in harsh weather. A 4k camera should cover larger areas than traditional cameras and should allow you to zoom further into the recorded image. Look for a camera with ultra-high-definition recording capabilities.

Digital Zoom

The digital zoom feature is an internal image-processing function. It allows you to zoom in after you have recorded a video. Your 4k digital cameras should have zoom lenses and focus capabilities. Images should not pixelate when you zoom in on them.

A 4k system should allow you to zoom in four times further than a 1080p security system while maintaining crisp details and resolution.

Powerful Infrared Night Vision

Most burglars wait until dark to execute their plans. It’s no good installing a security camera that cannot see in the dark.

The best 4k cameras have powerful light sensors that enable them to see in partial and complete darkness. They also have a wide dynamic range (or WDM) that allows them to capture images in areas with differing lighting levels.

Wide-angle Viewing

The best 4k cameras come with a 2.8mm mixed lens, allowing them to cover a larger, wider area than traditional cameras. Since a 4k camera covers a larger area, you will need fewer cameras.

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