Essentials of a Business Security System


When you are running a business, it is imperative that you have the right security system in place to protect your interests and your employees. That is why you should check the essential qualities of a business security system before you decide to opt for it.

Some of the crucial features that a business security system should have are as follows:

Burglar Alarm and Sensors

You should not think twice about installing a burglar alarm at your business premises. That way, if someone tries to break and enter, the alarm will ring and alert. Also, having sensors is a prudent decision. There are a variety of sensors, like motion detectors, acoustic sensors, glass-break sensors, and window and door contact sensors. Each type of sensor has a role to play, and you can install all or a few, depending on the risk assessment of your business.

Alarm Monitoring

If you install a business security system, it is essential that you work with an alarm monitoring company even if you have security guards and watchmen. If sensors and alarms trip, the alarm monitoring company will have your back and prevent any untoward incident.

Security Cameras and CCTV Surveillance

You should not shy away from video surveillance installation in Santa Rosa, CA. In fact, your business security system is incomplete if you do not use security cameras and CCTV surveillance. In case the alarm trips, these cameras allow you to check the site on a monitor. Also, cameras are an excellent deterrent, preventing burglars from breaking and entering.

Fail-Safe and Fail Secure

Many business owners forget that their security systems can fail. Should this happen, the security system should go into fail-safe mode, wherein the exits open allowing people in high traffic areas to leave the premises.

You can also opt for fail secure where the security system locks down premises so that no one can enter or leave the building. You can install crash bars that workers can operate manually from inside the building, allowing doors to open and let them leave, but no one can enter.

These are some of the essential features that a business security system should have. If your existing security system does not have these features, you need to scout for a new one. Make sure you compare the different systems, and then select one that suits your security needs. For this, you may have to conduct a risk assessment and evaluation so that you make the right choice. With a surveillance system from Sync Systems, we protect you from more than just theft or material loss, and can also help you monitor for safety concerns like smoke, fire, or carbon monoxide. For professional security systems and installations, connect with our team at Sync Systems Inc. at 707-799-9558.