Essential Audio-Visual Components for Conference Rooms


A modern workspace needs a conference room where team members can brainstorm, exchange ideas, and hold productive meetings. Conference rooms are the go-to collaboration spaces for teams in offices.

When setting up a conference room in St. Helena, make sure it has the following audio-visual components required to conduct productive meetings.


When entering a conference room, one of the first things that catches one’s eye is the display. The right display helps you share your screen with your colleagues present in the room or with remote teams.

Manufacturers offer state-of-the-art flat panel displays to fit the needs of on-site and remote teams. Many businesses these days use 4K UHD monitors. Whether you opt for a 4K UHD monitor or any other type of display technology, remember that several factors including your bandwidth and content can affect image quality.

Working on a tight budget? Consider projector screens instead outright monitors. They offer a larger display than flat screens and are more affordable. If you have a small conference room, you would want a single display. Keep in mind that with a single display, meeting participants will only be able to see what is being presented on a singular screen.

Use dual or tri displays if you hold video conferences or meeting participants need to share their screen with on-site and remote teams to allow everyone to see all relevant information.

Microphones and Speakers

If your teams regularly conduct video calls or audio conferencing, you will want to add microphones and speakers to your conference room. You can opt for in-ceiling speakers or secure speakers to the desks in your conference room. Microphones can be embedded in desks.

If you have a smaller conference room, you can opt for a sound bar to project audio from a wide enclosure. When selecting microphones and speakers for your conference room, consider how they will be used. The right setup can reduce auditory distractions, allowing your teams to hold productive meetings.


If you intend to hold video calls in your conference room, add a camera to it. When choosing a camera, consider the size of your room. For a smaller conference room, use a regular camera. Pan-tilt zoom cameras and sophisticated high-resolution cameras are suitable for larger conference rooms. Depending on the layout of the room and furniture arrangement, you may want to opt for a camera with a 180-degree viewing angle.

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