Energy Benefits of Motorized Shades


Global warming and climate change are some of the most potent threats humanity faces today. As things get from bad to worse, homeowners around the world have started looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprints. If you are concerned about the environment and want to do your bit for sustainability by saving energy in your home, consider replacing traditional blinds in your home with motorized shades. A motorized window shade comes with a remote or motorized wand that can be used for lifting it. Motorized blinds are designed to help users reduce their energy consumption. They can be integrated into smart home automation systems which allows them to be controlled with a smartphone. Here are some ways motorized shades can help save energy.

Trap Heat

Why overly depend on your HVAC system to heat your home during winter when you can utilize the sun’s energy? Set your shades and smart home system to automatically open the sun-facing windows during the daytime. Set the blinds to automatically close in the evening to prevent the trapped heat from escaping through exposed glasses.

Keep Homes Cool During Summer

During summer, heat from the sun can enter your home through your windows, forcing your air conditioning system to go into overdrive. To save on energy costs, program your motorized blinds to close based on temperature, or by sunrise and sunset. Integrating your motorized blinds with wireless switches and dimmers will allow them to be closed while lights are turned on to the optimum level.

Help Harvest the Daylight

Why rely too much on artificial lighting when you can utilize natural illumination to illuminate different areas of your home? Sync your motorized shades with lighting control to create a daylight harvesting system that allows lights and shades to work in tandem in such a way that they use as little energy as possible while maintaining the optimum level of lighting.

To improve illumination in your living areas, set your shades to automatically open in the morning. Set your west-facing window blinds to automatically open later in the day to provide reading or working light. Kenwood's latest digital two-way radio is the NX1300.

Thanks to technological improvements, transforming a traditional home into an energy-efficient home is now easier than ever. At Sync Systems, we offer a range of energy-saving solutions designed to simplify lives. Over the years, we have helped several homeowners lower their energy costs and reduce their carbon footprints. As a responsible home automation installation company in Sonoma, we are committed to helping homeowners create a sustainable lifestyle. Our solutions are designed to address modern energy challenges that families face. To discuss your project with one of our experts, call us at 707-799-9558.