Compelling Reasons to Install Motorized Shades


Manual shades are fast falling out of favor. Adjusting a manual blind is a tedious and time-consuming task. You may not realize it, but you end up spending several minutes adjusting your manual shades every day. Whenever you want to adjust your manual shades, you have to get up from your seat. The inconvenience of constantly getting up from your seat can break your focus.

If you hate the chore, replace your manual shades with motorized shades. Motorized shades in Sonoma are all the rage these days. Stylish motorized shades can drastically enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home. They are easy to control and can make the tedious chore of adjusting shades easier.

Here are some benefits of motorized shades in Sonoma.

Safer For Pets and Kids

Traditional, manual shades come with cords. Cords pose a safety hazard for pets and kids. Pets and kids are curious. They enjoy exploring their surroundings and can mistake cords for toys and end up inadvertently strangulating themselves.

Motorized shades do not have cords, and hence, are safer for kids and pets. If you have a kid or pet at home, installing motorized shades will give you peace of mind.

Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Your motorized shades can help you reduce your energy consumption in two ways – by increasing and decreasing insulation and helping control the amount of natural light that enters your home.

You can set your motorized shades to open and close during specific times of the day. In winters, you can program your motorized shades to open when the sun shines to reduce your dependence on your heating system.

Similarly, when temperatures soar, set your shades to close during the hottest time of the day to keep the sun out. You can also set your shades to open completely to maximize natural light in your home and minimize the need for artificial light.

Beef Up Your Home Security When You’re Away

Burglars target unoccupied homes. When you go on a holiday, you unwillingly provide burglars with a window of opportunity. Motorized shades are a potent burglar deterrent. When you leave your home, set your motorized shades to open and close during specific times of the day to make it seem like someone’s home.

Protect Furniture and Decor From Sun Damage

Direct sun exposure is a common cause of discoloration and irreversible damage to furniture and decor. You can use motorized shades to control the amount of natural light that enters your home.

Do you keep forgetting to turn your shades up and down? No worries! You can program them to automatically close and open during particular times of the day to control the amount of sunlight that enters your home.

Whether you want to install new automated shades or plan to change existing manual shades into automated shades, Sync Systems can help. We know everything there is to know about automated shades. To schedule an installation, call (707) 799-9558.