Can Home Automation Systems Lead to Healthier Living?


The popularity of home automation systems is growing with each passing year. Home automation has the potential to simplify our everyday lives. It allows you to remotely control your home security system, smart appliances, lighting, and heating.

The benefits of smart home automation go beyond convenience. A home automation system can boost your health in more ways than you probably realize.

Simulated Natural Lighting

It is a known fact that the intensity and color of a home’s lighting have significant impact on the quality of sleep and overall health of the residents. Exposure to certain lights during the sensitive period, for example, can make it difficult for a person to fall asleep and stay asleep.

A smart lighting system designed to regulate the brightness and temperature of indoor lighting can help address this problem. An LED-based lighting system completely mimics natural sunlight.

Natural light patterns signal cortisol and melatonin hormones to make us feel alert during the day and relaxed after sunset. Many smart lighting systems include customizable options that users can use to mimic the patterns they need for good sleep.

Motorized Shading

Natural light influences our circadian rhythm. If you do not have enough natural light in your home, your circadian rhythm can get thrown off. This can impact your physical and mental health. You can use motorized blinds to control the amount of natural light in your home.

To bring more natural light into your home, set a schedule for your motorized shades to lift, lower and completely shut at the same time every day. Use your motorized shades to block out glare from the setting sun, while letting in light with warmer tones that promote relaxation.

Voice Control

When you feel stressed or overworked, voice assistants such as Alexa or Google Now can assist in avoiding burnout. You can give voice commands to your voice assistant to take you through guided meditations or play calming music and relaxing sounds.

Regulated Temperature and Humidity

A smart heating and cooling system saves on energy and can help improve indoor air quality. Smart sensors are designed to detect humidity. If your system’s sensors detect high humidity levels, they will immediately instruct the system to remove excess humidity from your home. Maintaining ideal indoor humidity maximizes comfort and is important for creating a healthy indoor environment.

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