Best Places To Install Home Security Cameras


Decided to install home security cameras in your property? But do you know the best locations where these cameras can cover the maximum footage? As per the home surveillance system installation companies in Santa Rosa, the cameras should be installed in such a way that they deter any illegal act or intention.

Also known as CCTV, security cameras are advanced cameras that are installed on the vulnerable gate crashing locations. These cameras can be operated from a remote location as well, with the help of a smartphone app. But you will get the maximum coverage and protection only if these cameras are strategically placed in and around the house.

Consider These Points before Identifying the Right Locations

Randomly selecting the areas, and installing security cameras is not a good idea. You need to brainstorm a bit to get an idea about the vulnerable points of the property.

• Research the past break-in history of your property. Consult your neighbors or previous owners for more details.

• Identify the areas that are untouched by greenery or direct sunlight. This can create problems in capturing clear footage.

• Identify the vulnerable areas in your property. Some might be exposed to outside roads, or some might be at the lonely ends.

• Opting for night vision enabled, and weatherproof cameras will be a good option.

Best Locations to Install the Home Security Cameras

Now that you have identified the best places to install these cameras, here are some tips to help you further:

Front Door – One of the most prominent and frequent targets of intruders is the front door. They tend to barge into a house by damaging the CCTV cameras or breaking the door. Consider installing the cameras on the second floor or protecting it with the help of a wired cage.

Windows – Not all your windows face the busy streets. There are some off-street windows which should be covered under the security camera installation. These windows are a vulnerable target for the thieves as they are secured from the patrolling police and other localities.

Side and Back Doors – If you frequently use the side and back doors of your house, make sure you install a security camera for its surveillance. These doors are a potential channel for the intruders and criminals to get access to the property.

Garage – Generally, a garage is connected with the main house through a door. This makes its place as one of the most vulnerable parts of the house. Burglars keep an eye on the garage and the expensive cars parked in it. A security camera facing the garage area or the driveway is a great idea to identify any suspicious activity.

It is a misconception that security cameras should be exclusively used in the outdoors. Whereas, installing cameras inside the house, facing the vulnerable spots, can ensure double protection against theft and burglary. Call the best home surveillance system installation companies in Santa Rosa – Sync Systems Inc. at 707-799-9558 or visit for more details.