Benefits to a Multi-Site Monitoring System


Businesses with offices in multiple locations need robust multi-site monitoring systems. The ideal system allows seamless connectivity for better management and hassle-free surveillance. If you don’t discuss these features prior to a surveillance system installation, you may find yourself wanting for additional security once the project is complete.

Here are some must-have features for a multi-site monitoring system.

Remote Access

Your multi-site monitoring system should allow you to monitor your cameras remotely. You cannot be physically present in multiple places at the same time and must opt for a system that helps you keep an eye on your operations from anywhere in the world.

Earlier, a business owner could only view the camera feed from a particular location through on-site devices. They had to travel to the location to retrieve footage of a past incident. Remote access addresses this problem by making it possible for users to monitor footage from multiple locations remotely.

Cloud-based Storage

Multi-site businesses have tons of security footage. If there is hardly any storage left on your DVR or NVR, the new footage will go unrecorded or your surveillance team will have to overwrite the old footage to create space.

Multi-site businesses should use multi-site monitoring systems with cloud storage instead of physical on-site storing devices. There are several advantages of cloud storage. It is scalable and centralizes management of security footage.

When you move your stuff to the cloud, your managers and other authorized personnel would be able to access security footage from any part of the world without having to check the on-site video recorder.

A multi-site monitoring system should be scalable and flexible. It should have a flexible, centralized management software platform capable of managing every device on all sites.

It should have matrix screen displays, interactive video walls and should enable centralized account management. The VMS should be able to adapt to different speeds, security levels and topologies.

Video Analytics

It's not possible for a person to monitor footage from security cameras 24/7. Hiring a team isn't a feasible option for many businesses, as it costs money to hire and maintain a dedicated team to monitor multiple camera feeds.

Instead of hiring professionals use video analytics to monitor your operations. Video analytics are algorithms applied to security footage to identify suspicious activity in real time. As soon as the system detects a potential threat based on parameters set by you, it notifies you.

Video analytics catch minor details and automate security monitoring, eliminating the need for 24/7 surveillance without compromising on security.

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