6 Benefits of a Video Surveillance System


Coming face to face with an intruder in their home is a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Home invasions are on the rise. Break-ins are swiftly becoming one of the most common criminal offenses in the U.S. It is estimated that a home burglary occurs every 26 seconds in the country. By the time you finish this article, around 3 break-ins would have occurred in different parts of the country.

You can keep an eye on your property when you are home, but how can you make sure it stays secure when you are away?

Installing a video surveillance system is a great way to deter criminals. A video surveillance system will allow you to monitor your home remotely. If someone tries to break-in, you can alert the authorities.

Here are several compelling reasons to install a video surveillance system in Santa Rosa.

Deter Criminals

Why wait for disaster to strike when you can take preventive measures to protect your property? A video surveillance system is a potent burglary deterrent. Criminals look for easy targets. Most burglars won’t try to break into a property with a surveillance system. To deter burglars, put up signs to let them know they are under surveillance.

Collect Evidence

If a burglar breaks into your home, your surveillance system will record their every move. You can use the CCTV footage in court to ensure the preparators are brought to justice.

Automatically Alert the Authorities

Modern video surveillance systems use advanced sensors that detect suspicious activity. When your system recognizes an unauthorized entry, it alerts the police. Many systems have advanced software that provides law enforcement officials the information they need to thwart attempted break-ins.

Reduce Your Insurance Costs

A surveillance system can reduce your insurance costs by up to 20 percent. By installing a home surveillance system, you will send out a message that you take safety seriously. If you use a video surveillance system, your insurer may lower premiums for policies that cover damages resulting from a fire or water-related accident or an attempted break-in.

Protect Building Occupants

An advanced video surveillance system will continuously monitor your property and send instant alerts when a natural disaster strikes or a fire breaks out on your property. This feature can save lives.


If you are overly dependent on your security team, you will have to hire several security professionals to cover different areas. Or, you can install cameras at strategic locations for a fraction of the cost (security cameras don’t need salaries or benefits). Unlike human employees who need regular breaks, cameras work 24/7.

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