5 Tips for Getting the Best Home Theater Sound Possible


High-quality surround sound systems can drastically improve your home theater experience, and with professional home theater contractors in Santa Rosa, you can easily build an incredible home stereo system for enjoying the best home theater sound.

A lot of people think that enjoying high-quality theater sound requires an extraordinary amount of money. However, the truth is that even moderately-priced sound systems and equipment can deliver outstanding performances when positioned properly in a good listening environment.

You can easily get the most out of your sound systems by making certain necessary adjustments. Further discussed are five useful tips that will eventually help you to enjoy the best possible home theater sound along with improving the performance of your sound system.

1. Choose Your Room Carefully

If you want to enjoy the best home theater sound, it is imperative that you pick the right room for placing your surround sound system. According to professional and certified audio experts, it is a good idea to place home theater systems in a room whose length and width are 2.6 and 1.6 times the height of the room, respectively.

It is also recommended to avoid rooms with hard surfaces because it ultimately results in sound waves reflection. However, you can consider installing furniture or carpeting the floor of your room to prevent unnecessary sound reflections.

2. Set Your Speakers Correctly

While placing your speakers or stereo sound equipment, always make sure to place your speakers at approximately head height. You can consider placing the center channel speakers and the front speakers according to your listening position for enhanced surround sound quality.

Remember, your surround speakers should be on either side of your listening position for optimal surround sound effects.

3. Place the Center Channel Speakers Higher

Center channel speakers always go to the center. Many audio experts recommend placing the center channel at a proper height for better surround sound effects. You can either choose to position them horizontally or set them close to your TV screens.

Using a stand, wall mounts, or rubber feet angling is also a great idea to set these center channel speakers correctly for best home theater sound.

4. Don't Sideline the Subwoofers

Bass is a vital module of the sound spectrum, which ultimately makes subwoofers the epicenter of every home stereo sound system. So, in order to enjoy the best home theater sound, it is imperative that you place your subwoofers right next to your stereo sound system instead of hiding them at shady spots. Calibrating your subwoofers with other speakers will eventually help you to enjoy some deep bass along with an immersive, well-balanced sound.

5. Make Use of the Best Sound Formats

Using the best and high-quality surround sound formats is also a proven way of obtaining the best home theater sound possible. It is essential for you to know that DTS and Dolby both offer lossless and less-compressed audio formats that sound better, and offer the best stereo surround sound effects.

These five tips are general principles that will not only improve the overall performance of your surround sound system, but also help you to obtain the best home theater sound possible. For more information on proper audio calibrations, please contact Sync Systems Inc. at 707-799-9558.