5 Home Theater Design Upgrades for Your Luxury Home


Why go to the theater to watch movies when you can bring them at home with a home theater? Your home theater will be tailored to your unique needs. With a home theater system, you can also take your gaming experience to the next level.

When installing a home theater system in your home, you need to come up with the right design. Use the right equipment and technologies designed to help craft the perfect movie-watching experience.

Here are some home theater design upgrades worth considering.


Unnecessary noises can ruin your movie-watching experience. Your local home theater installer in Sonoma will use thick carpeting to eliminate home theater hum and noise.

Depending on the acoustics of the room, the professional may also recommend installing absorption and reflection sound panels to even out the audio throughout it.

Soundproofing drywall will prevent sound from outside from entering the area or contain it, so it doesn’t ruin your experience.

Lighting and Shading

Include smart lighting in your home theater design so you can easily control lighting levels when watching movies or the big game or playing video games.

If the room has several windows, add blackout shades that you can draw at a simple push of a button to block ambient lighting.

Hidden AV

A major benefit of home theater systems is that AV components, speakers, and screens can be kept hidden from view. You can use in-wall and in-ceiling installation techniques to hide your speakers.

With the right material and technique, you can even install your speakers and projectors behind the screen. Many installers use an AV rack to hide all equipment, including the AV receiver, media server, and Blu-ray player.

Smart Control

Once all your theater design components are in place, install the control. Instead of using multiple remotes, bring everything together on the device of your choice (can be a smartphone, touchpad, or universal remote).

A universal remote will let you control lighting, climate (if your home theater is climate controlled) and projector.

Other Upgrades

If you have an old subwoofer, consider upgrading to a contemporary model designed to add impact and depth to the sound of your movie tracks. If you have a small center channel, upgrade to a bigger one that can handle more bass.

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