4 Ways to Enhance Your Security with Smart Lighting


Home automation technology has become more innovative and efficient than ever — adding to one's convenience and comfort. And smart lighting technology is benefiting most homeowners with inbound security features.

Smart lights work with automated triggers, motion sensors, and scheduled scenes to safeguard your property from any safety hazards and intruders. All you have to ensure is that your house is well illuminated at all times.

Here are some ways smart lighting can increase your home's safety and security. With this, you'll have no reasons not to install them in your house!

Active Response to Emergencies

You can use the smart lighting control for immediate actions during emergencies. With the automated lighting system, you can ensure that all your lights are turned on whenever an alarm goes off in your home. This is extremely helpful in situations of a fire emergency when a person is to evacuate the house.

Along with this, it also helps to deter intruders. Some smart lighting systems work by turning on or increasing the intensity of your lights as anyone approaches. So, you get enough time to analyze the situation and take necessary measures.

Protection from Theft

A smart lighting system allows you to control how lighting works around your home. You can set rules for different areas, as your porch light will remain on in the evening, or the LEDs on the gateway will light up when an individual approach.

Responsive lights prevent intruders from making a way in as they become more cautious about being caught in the glare. Hence, you get a catch if someone tries trespassing your house without your consent.

Lead a Safe Tread

Not only do smart lights contribute to the security of your house but also personal safety. You can align your driveways with motion sensors so that they illuminate your path every time you ride or walk-in. This will help you watch your surroundings so that you don't hit or bump on to any objects lying around.

Safeguard While You're Away from Home

Burglars tend to invade vacant houses as there are fewer possibilities of being caught. However, the lighting control systems in Sonoma can help you reduce the risk by using occupancy stimulation. The “Mockupancy” setting makes your house look like someone occupies it by turning lights on and off at fixed intervals.

More so, it lets you program your TVs and blinds just as they would if you were at the place. Following this, you don't have to think twice while leaving for your long-awaited vacation.

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